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samedi 7 septembre 2019

Friday Night with Friends

Has come around quickly again. Many thanks to Cheryll for getting us all together again.

I started the afternoon by adding the eyelets to my new journal cover.

This has taken a while to complete mainly because I used a pink binding on it and then hated it! So it sat around for a while. Anyway, finished now. I used a piece of printed/painted brown wrapping paper, well crumpled and then ironed onto heavyweight pelmet vilene.

The inner corners at the front of the cover hold the journal in place and provide somewhere to tuck notes and stuff for safety.

The back pockets are for my pens and ruler. You can see the offending pink binding - it works well with the inside colours but looked awful outside.

Next up was to machine the borders around my latest Vintage Kitchen block.

Five down, four more to go!

Then it was back outside to continue rubbing down a pair of shutters ready for painting. They are louvered so not the easiest task and one that I have been putting of for at least a couple of years! So of course there is a lot of peeling pain to remove. Not good for hands that sew I can tell you - getting through masses of hand cream.

Anyway I rounded off my FNwF in the evening with some TAST stitching - I had two weeks to catch up on.

The top row is Crossed Feather Stitch and the bottom row Plaited Feather Stitch - they were last weeks stitches. The shape in the middle is filled with Cushion Filling Stitch which was this weeks stitch. Nice to be up to date again.

Since my last post we have had family visiting which was fun. We met up with them on their way down from the coast and went to La Vallee des Singes which we all enjoyed. The smaller monkeys roam free while the larger gorillas and chimps are confined to islands but you still get a good view of them. They all seem happy in their valley!

We all loved the ring tailed lemurs - those enormous eyes are so beguiling!

These two were not getting friendly - they were making a lot of noise!

It was a great day out.

Well this post is already long so I shall pop back again soon with some more catching up.

17 commentaires:

Michelle Ridgway a dit…

I love your journal cover! Your embroidery is beautifully wow! I am a fan of the Ringed tail Limas.... so cute and entertaining to watch x

Maria a dit…

Lovely journal cover and your TAST stitching is looking great..

Sheryl a dit…

Hi Lin beautiful work ,i love your journal and its special compartments,well done and i sure love the pictures of those cute monkeys,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

kiwikid a dit…

Beautiful journal cover , I think the pink looks good. Your stitching is lovely, as is your block. Looks like a great day out at the Valley.always great 5o see different animals.

Kate a dit…

I like your journal cover. I need to make one for one of my books, so I was checking you design. Lovely and practical.

Karen a dit…

What a fun time that looks with the monkeys! Love your journal and it's clever inside pockets. I am so glad someone else puts things aside for a while when they don't like it. I think I get disappointed it didn't work and need some distance to see it again.

Sue (this n that) a dit…

A really lovely journal cover - inside and out (you really had it in for that pink didn't you lol!). It looks so neat, sturdy and a piece of art in itself.
I love reading each stitch's name - it all looks so beautiful.
Lovely block piece too.
Very nice to have a family visit - as with ours, I'm sure there's lots of laughs and plenty of fun.
Loved the Lemurs - those jazzy tails are something else!
All the best, lovely to catch up with you Lin... cheerio for now xx

Susie H a dit…

Your projects are very pretty, the embroidery in particular.Visiting the animals is always fun. We enjoy that too, especially when the animals are active! FUN!

Chantal a dit…

Your journal cover is just fabulous. I love it big time! I don't understand how the journal is holding inside the cover since you have no slit at the back. But it is gorgeous and I agree; the pink binding must have been a little too much. Your stitchery looks so complicated to me. I am amazed by your work. ;^)

Annie a dit…

Lin, your journal cover looks amazing. I do like the new binding for the outside. The pink inside gives it some pizazz. Both of your stitching pieces look so nice. Yes, being caught up is so relaxing. The monkeys can sure be fun to watch.

Rachel a dit…

I know all about leaving projects to one side because they've taken a side trip into "ugh". Well recovered!

Fiona a dit…

the journal cover is great... it's worth making the change if you hate a colour on it. I'm loving seeing the different stitches you are using.... amazing.... what a fun meeting up near the monkeys.... those lemur's are lovely...

Kim a dit…

Your journal cover is lovely, Lin. The blue binding does look pretty. Love all the different pockets you can pop things into. Oh, the tails on those lemurs.....just stunning. Mother Nature always gets it so right, doesn't she. Good lucking on sanding those shutters....a horrible job. By the way.....love the photo in your header.

Ondrea a dit…

Beautuful journal cover. Sometimes it is best to walk away from a project and return with fresh eyes. Love your little block and your embroidery piece is beautiful.

FlashinScissors a dit…

Love your header photo Lin!
The journal is fantastic, well done!
Lovely embroidery too ..... I’ve been wanting to use some TAST stitches but they never seem to fit my projects ...... one day!!
The lemurs are gorgeous aren’t they!
Poor you, sanding shutters ..... mucky job, yuk!
Have a great week!
Barbara xx

Radka a dit…

Lovely journal cover, Lin; not only nice, but practical too. I can see it travelling around with you :-)

Anthea a dit…

Beautiful journal cover Lin... I love the different methods & techniques you use to create your projects!
Lovely to read a few of your recent blog posts
Anthea x