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Sunday 24 November 2013

More on the Threadcatcher!

Several people have asked for a tutorial on how to make the Threadcatcher I posted about a couple of days ago.

So I had a rummage around in Google to see if I could find where my inspiration came from and  here is a link to Kathy Beymer's Needling Things where she also has several other Threadcatcher tutorials.


Saturday 23 November 2013

Beautiful Postcards in my postbox

I have been waiting excitedly for these to arrive so it was lovely to open the box and find them there.

This one came yesterday

and is a lovely example of crazy patchwork. Lots of different stitches and fabrics in there. The card was made for me by Carli who is my swap partner in the Christmas postcard swap organised by Sheila. Carli's blog has got me interested in doing some crazy patchwork so watch this space next year!

Today I received this lovely card

from my blogging friend Judy whose blog Knit Quilt Spin Weave is full of all the beautiful things that she makes. This card is inspired by the view from her favourite ski run which must be stunning. Intersting how the pale opaque snowflakes show up in rainbow colours in this scan. Beautiful stitching a subtle use of fabrics.

My thanks to Carli and Judy for brightening my days with these treasures. Both completely different and both delightful.

Have a good Dr Who weekend everyone


Thursday 21 November 2013

A Threadcatcher present for me!

I seem to have been busy making presents for other people for some time now so I though I would allow myself the time this afternoon to make something for me!

I have had this threadcatcher in mind for a little while. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I got the idea from so if it was on your blog then please do let me know so that I can credit you or your source.

Once I had worked out how to cut the correct size equilateral triangle this was a doddle and probably the prototype for a few more presents!
I had a couple of oddments of Egyptian print fabric left over from some placemats I made earlier in the year. I love the fabrics and wanted something for me in them so this was ideal. The turquoise beads are from a mixed bag that I have had for some time.

I hope you are having a good week - it has turned very cold here.


Saturday 16 November 2013

FNSI for November

This Friday night seems to come around ever more quickly!

As usual, I was sewing in the afternoon as we were out in the evening. It was cold, damp and grey outside so perfect for an afternoon indoors.

First of all I finished this little bag to hold a colouring set.

The bag is inspired by this pattern by Joy Coey. It was a last minute decision to make it so no time to order the pattern which I first saw on Fiona's blog. So I just had to make it up as I went along.

This is a birthday present but too heavy to post so we will be taking it to UK when we go in December.

Once that was finished I was able to get on with some more presents - so only a sneaky look - sorry.

It has turned much cooler here in the last few days and we had a frost this morning followed by - sunshine!! we don't seem to have seen the sun for a long time. The cranes have finally decided that winter is coming as we have been watching them fly south all this week - they are 2/3 weeks later than usual.

Looking forward to catching up with what everyone did last night.

Have a good weekend


Fontevraud and the Vendee

Have been meaning to write a post about our weekend away all week but the days have just slipped away! Anyway, here is a brief(ish!) account of our travels.

On Friday we drove north from here - about three and a half hours - to Fontevraud which is in the Loire valley, roughly between Saumur and Chinon.
I have long wanted to visit the Abbey at Fontevraud and once got as far as the entrance only to find that then they closed for lunch and we needed to be on our way. However, now they are open all day which is much more civilised!
Fontevraud's main claim to fame for the English is that two of our Kings and a Queen were buried there. Sadly their remains are long gone but their effigies still remain and are given centre stage in the beautifully restored Abbey church.

These are the effigies of HenryII and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor is represented holding a book which is significant as it is the first time that a woman was shown  that way - up until then women were just represented with crossed hands.

Their son, Richard the Lion Heart is also there.
The fourth effigie is of Isabelle of Angouleme who was the wife of John Lackland, Henry and Eleanor's youngest son.
Unusually it is carved from wood.

I loved the ironwork on the Chruch doors - especially the little faces!

The Abbey was founded in 1101 and was a religious comunity for both men and women although unusually, according to wishes of the founder, Robert d'Arbrissel, an abbess was always in authority! The last abbess left the abbey in 1792 when it was closed due to the Revolution.
When it re-opened in the early 1800's it was converted into a prison for both men and women and was considered one of the toughest in France. It remained a prison until 1965. During that time parts of the abbey were open to the public but since then extensive restorations have taken place and still are.

Chapelle St Benoit

There is masses to see here including this amazing light installation by Claude Leveque in what was once the monks dormitory.
And this amazing construction which was the kitchens.
 The main chimney which was surrounded by a series of smaller chimneys.

Lots more lovely things but too many to show here. A great visit and I hope I go again.

On Saturday it rained, and rained, and rained..................
However, we had places to see so off we went. We had stayed overnight in Cholet (no sign of Madam Cholet sadly) and headed further west into the Vendee.
Our first stop was la Chabotterie a beautiful house which was the scene of the arrest of General Charette at the end of the counter revolution in the Vendee in 1796.
Unfortunately we had not done our research quite well enough as it was closed for renovations! However, we were able to walk around the park and had a view of the amazing gardens.

Such a shame we could not get inside.

Well, that is all I have time for - the rest of our Vendee trip will have to wait.

Have a good weekend


Thursday 7 November 2013


Back in September I showed you this lovely postcard that I received from Susan (pop over there and look at the beautiful dress she has made from hand made paper!)

I have never shown you the card that I sent her so now is a good time as I sent one of the same 'Honesty' series to Fiona who has sent me this beautiful daisy card

Tiny, perfect patchwork with very fine stippling in the centre and on the background. I love it, thank you very much Fiona.

This is the card that I sent to Fiona

(sorry about the scew wiff scan!)

And this is the one I sent to Susan

I like to work in a series when I am making postcards - it's a good chance to experiment with different ideas.
For these cards I dyed the pelmet vilene background and then ironed on painted bondaweb. This was then printed all over with a stamp which says ' The way to know life is to love many things' which I love. But the idea was not for it to be read clearly, just to create some movement in the background. The lovely silvery honesty seed heads were laid on next, covered with a sheer fabric and ironed into place. The machine detail was added last.
Busy working on a couple more postcards at the moment - more about them later. Meanwhile looking forward to a weekend away in the Loire valley and the Vendee - more about them later too!
Have a good weekend.