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Saturday 21 October 2023

FNSI October

 Had the house to myself for the afternoon so was able to get my machine out and crack on with a couple of projects. First up, this

became this

Just need to look out a button. Having everything cut out and ready to go made this a quick project. Would have been even quicker but I decided to quilt my bag to give it more stability. This is going to be a little gift bag.

Next up my RSC project. I crossed my fingers and ordered some fabric online to make setting squares for my hearts. Very happy with the fabric that arrived and I started sewing the blocks together after I had finished the bag.

Much happier with how this is looking now. All the bits are cut so next time I get the machine out I should get this all together very quickly.

Thought I would crack on with my knitting while the rugby was on in the evening - sock no 2 is on the home run

but I soon got bored with the rugby and my book was calling so that was it for me.

Many thanks Wendy for hosting us all again.

Saturday 7 October 2023

October FNWFs

 Many thanks to Cheryll for getting us together again despite being off on her travels.

Not much time here to sew as we were out most of the day and there were a couple of things on tv in the evening that needed my full attention. However, I did manage to get one of my RSC hearts sewn down and the other one is ready to go.

I decided to go with mauve as my colour for October, not wanting a neutral heart. Very happy with these pretty mauves from my stash. I now need to get some fabric for setting blocks before I decide if I need more these.

Posting this from my kindle as I am in the process of changing computers so if it comes out weird you will know why!

Sunday 1 October 2023

September catch up

 I thought I would keep back all my sewing and crochet progress to make a separate post from our Cornish travels.

First up some completed Field Journal hexagons and the latest embroidered one.

My RSC hearts for September

I am going to have to lay them all out again to see what colour I need for October because light neutrals does not excite me!

The crochet blanket has come on a lot quicker than I thought it would - that's because I couldn't face all that satin stitch on the FJ panel in the evenings!

However, it has now been put away for a bit as some balls of sock wool arrived this week from West Yorkshire Spinners so now I am knitting socks. The first pair I am knitting uses this lovely Green Woodpecker colourway.

Very appropriate for a birder I thought.

So that is it for now and I am all caught up. See you soon.