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Saturday 7 December 2019

Friday Night with Friends

Despite traveling and celebrating Cheryll has managed to get us all together again for our last FNwF of the year. Thank you Chez and I hope you are having an amazing time.

To see who else took part and what they were up to click here

Remember my three Santas that I made for a garland? I put them safely away while I pondered how to transport them to UK for Christmas. Yesterday I got them out and added hooks and eyes to link them up - this way I can take the garland apart for transportation. And I added a few extra bells.

 Now all they need is some red ribbon or cord to hang them up. Not enough in my stash so I will get some in UK - we are restricting journeys by car at the moment as there is a fuel shortage here due to the strike and we want to be sure of having enough fuel to get to the ferry port.

Next up was to get on with these four blocks for my Red Manor House BOM.

They are corner blocks for the next border around this central block.

Hopefully I can get those hearts added today, although we are expecting afternoon tea guests. I have a batch of mince pies waiting for them!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sunday 1 December 2019


December 1st! So now I can get out my decorations.  And the Advent Calendar made it by the skin of my teeth. My makeshift day marker (modelling foam painted with gold acrylic) dried just in time.

Another finish for me this weekend is another round on my 1797 Revisited and if I am counting correctly then the next round is the last complete one!

I had nearly enough ultramarine fabric for this round so I have been able to get on with cutting and basting some of these while a batch of fabric dyes. However...

...today is the 1st of the month - BOM day, so decks have been cleared and my box of fabrics found all ready for the off later this afternoon following a visit to a Christmas market.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.