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Thursday 28 March 2013

Another win!

A few weeks ago Michelle at Quilting Gallery hosted a blog hop and for several evenings I enjoyed wandering round the internet looking at lots of lovely blogs. Of course I also entered for some of the gorgeous give aways that were on offer and I was surprised and delighted to win one of them!

Sherry, whose blog Adventures in Life is very colourful and well worth a visit - was giving away these two pretty fat quarters and a pack of wonder clips.

These little clips - which are 1" long - are fascinating and I am looking forward to trying them out. The uses seem endless!

Thank you very much Sherry - I have plans for the fabric which you will read about over the summer.


Wednesday 27 March 2013

Dear Jane update

First of all I must welcome my new followers - thank you for signing up!

I spent last weekend in snowy UK - while temperatures here in the Dordogne were soaring again! I was only away for four days but I noticed a huge difference in the garden on my return. The grass seemed to have grown by inches, there is masses of blossom on the trees especially the blackthorn which was buzzing with bees when I passed by this morning. The daffodils are nearly over and the tulips are starting to flower. Everywhere is looking a lot greener, bright and fresh.
I cut the freezer paper templates for five Dear Jane blocks and ironed them on to fabric before I left. Managed to get them all sewn while I was away, so here they are.

Spent a lovely afternoon today with friends who I have been teaching for a couple of years. One completed a very pretty table runner and the other was embarking on a flying geese quilt. It is so lovely to have been able to pass on skills that I have learnt to two enthusiastic patchworkers!

Lots to tell you so I hope to post again tomorrow.


Monday 11 March 2013

A Finish - at last!!

In 1985 I was living in Rome and had been there for two years. I had started quilting in 1979 and completed my City & Guilds in Embroidery in 1983 as I left for Rome. Italy, I found, had not advanced as far as the UK in it's needlecrafts and finding materials was very difficult. Beautiful haberdashery shops but everything was hidden away in drawers so unless you knew what you were looking for and then what it was called in Italian you had no chance!
My lifelines to the world of P&Q were The Quilters Guilds newsletter from the UK and Quilters Newsletter Magazine from the US. In June 1985 the latest copy of QNM arrived just as I was looking for a new project. This page caught my eye.

I had some fabrics left over from my previous project and I thought this would be a good way to use them up. Of course, I had to order some more and so  I sent off an order to Strawberry Fayre who even then were providing an excellent service for expats.
A year later I returned to the UK and the completed flower blocks were packed away and forgotten about as I returned to my C&G studies.
Fast forward now to France and around 2001/2 when I decided it was about time I did some more work on this quilt. I machined the blocks together and added a plain border and then, as I had planned a larger quilt than the one in the original design I started piecing an outer border. Again it all got stored away when I started work on a P&Q C&G course.
Two years ago I decided that it was time this quilt was finished so out it came again, the pieced border was added and it was layered up ready for quilting which I decided was a good way to ocupy my winter evenings.

Now here we are with the finished quilt, 28 years later!

I wanted a quilt that covered a double bed with plenty of overhang so I made it square rather than the rectangle shown in the original pattern and also added a pieced border.

The quilting design I used is the one suggested with the pattern although I had to adapt it for the border which is smaller than the one in the original pattern.

The quilt is hand pieced with machine construction. Hand quilting with machine ditch quilting between the blocks and around the border.

Looking through my machine threads when it came to adding the binding I found this reel of Sylko which was a perfect match.

On a wooden reel, I am not sure how old it is but the sheen on the thread is still beautiful. I am trying to find out when Sylko was last sold on wooden reels.

And I love the names given to all the colours - so evocative.

Thank you for stopping by.