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Monday 29 April 2013

Another Mystery

Heather Spence is organising another Mystery Quilt which I have signed up for. This time she is raising money to help Wyatt who is 3 years old and is having long term treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Click the pink button on the right to find out more about Heather's Mystery Quilts.

I am running behind as the first clue came out whilst we were in UK but I have all my fabrics

which have an oriental flavour to them, and I have now cut out and machined together clue #1. Not pressed yet so I cannot show you a photo but I will post one as soon as I have a chance to get the iron out. I have two more clues to do to catch up - #4 comes out on Friday but I doubt if they will be done by then.

While we were away I was browsing in a small haberdashery in Burnham on Sea when I came across a small basket of exquisite, wood turned objects which turned out to be thimble holders. There were several styles but the one I fell in love with and had to have was this beautiful acorn.

They were made by a gentleman called Roy Bruce and as the ladies in the shop could tell me nothing about him except that he is 'local' I was hoping I might find him on the internet but unfortunately not.

Well, it is raining again here - two days of warmth last week followed by two frosts and now rain. What a change.

Best wishes


Thursday 25 April 2013

Purple and White

Good to be home again especially as the weather has been amazing! Clear sunny skies and temperatures of 20+, such a contrast to the mostly grey and damp of West Country UK.
There was some rain while we were away and also high temperatures so the garden has run riot - spring has definitely sprung!
It was very noticeable as we drove down through France how much greener it was compared to UK and also compared to how it looked when we left two weeks ago.
What I noticed most in the garden though was how much purple and white there was around. So here are a few photographs of our garden looking at purple and white.
Almond Blossom

Burnt Orchid

Iris and Honesty



Judas tree

Lady Orchid



Another sure sign of spring is that the nightingales have arrived and have been singing all day and we also have at least one hoopoe looking for a mate.

Hopefully I will be able to get on with some sewing soon!


Saturday 20 April 2013

Cardiff and Dr Who

We had a great day out on Wednesday when we went to Cardiff Bay to see the Dr Who Experience!

Cardiff Bay, once known as Tiger Bay was Cardiff's dockland area. It had a multi-ethnic population of sailors and dockworkers from around the world. Until the Cardiff Barrage was completed in 1999 the harbour had a tidal range of up to 14 meters but now is a freshwater lake and the 8 miles of waterfront have been transformed into a tourist and leisure area. It is also home to the Welsh Assembly and the Wales Millenium Centre.
The BBC have studios nearby where Dr Who and Casualty are currently filmed. Torchwood and Upstairs Downstairs have also been filmed there.

The first half of the Dr Who Experience includes a ride in the Tardis, extermination by Daleks and a stunning 3d presentation. This is followed by a display of costumes, monsters including of course Daleks, and information about the filming and history of the show.

This Dalek in the Foyer is my height - about 5'6" and made entirely from Lego!

 The Pierhead and Bay

Norwegian Church and cultural centre

Wales Millenium Centre

The Water Tower outside the Wales Millenium Centre, also known as The Torchwood Tower!

When we drove past the tower the water was switched on and the tower looked stunning with a constant stream of water running down it's stainless steel sides. However by the time we had parked and walked back to it the water had been turned off as the wind was too strong. However, I think the tower looked just as stunning with the reflections of the other buildings around.

A great day out and I can recommend Cardiff Bay for a visit - hopefully you will have better weather!


Tuesday 16 April 2013


We are in UK again and today we have visited one of my favourite places - Beer! For those who do not know, Beer is a small fishing village on the South Devon coast in the SW of England.

Beer cove is home to lots of brightly coloured fishing boats,

and their paraphernalia!

Beer is also a very popular tourist spot as you can see by the rows of deckchairs placed ready.

Sadly, the weather was just not quite good enough!
But on a fine day, the small cafe huts in amongst the beach huts do a roaring trade - pots of tea on trays to take back to your deckchair and plates of locally caught crab sandwiches are traditional fare.
No sand on this beach only pebbles which is why you can see the rubber walkways to make life easier.

I have always loved this row of cottages which look out to sea.

I imagine being warm and cosy inside one of these pebble fronted cottages watching a raging storm through the window.

We have an exciting trip planned for tomorrow and you will never guess what it is! I am afraid you will have to wait for my next post to find out.

Meanwhile I am going to settle down for an evening of sewing 2" four patch squares - more later.

Happy sewing until next time


Thursday 4 April 2013

It Started With a Square

Anthea very kindly commented on the canvas work that I am using as my background at the moment. (And I am still trying to find out how to remove that tile effect!)

So I thought I would show you what it went on to be!

Several years ago Christine at Reticule issued 'The Reticule Challenge', a competition in aid of Cancer care. The theme of the competition was 'It Started With a Square' and entries were invited in any shape, size or technique. In exchange for my entry fee I received a Texere Variety Bag which I was to use in my project.

Adding a few threads of my own I first produced the canvas work square.

Then using similar colours from a pack of sari silk ribbon I machined the ribbons onto a backing fabric through the middle of each strip. This gave me a chennille type fabric which I machined down in opposite directions and then covered with a fine net fabric. I then machined over the surface of the fabric using various embroidery stitches and also couching down the remaining threads from my variety pack.

I then cut a square in the fabric and set in my canvas work before lining and turning into a foldover clutch bag.

The pocket at the back goes the full length of the bag which keeps anything inside secure when the bag is folded over. A simple way to make a clutch bag.

Thank you for stopping by.