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samedi 17 août 2019

FNSI, catching up and another goodbye!

Many thanks to Wendy for getting us together again despite internet problems - pop over to Wendy's Blog to see what everyone was working on.

My first Friday task was to complete my TAST sample for the week. I decided a few weeks back to resurrect my TAST sampler and have added a few new stitches to it. This weeks stitch is Woven Detached Chain and I decided that a few would be perfect to finish off the Beaded Barb stitch sample that I worked on a couple of weeks back.

I enjoyed working these and am especially pleased with the longer ones as they take on a bit of a curve adding some life to the arrangement.

Next up was this weeks block in Jenny of Elefantz Scrappy Vintage Kitchen stitch along. I have three of these blocks completed so far. 

To join the stitcheries I decided to pull out some of my 'vintage' ie circa 1980 Laura Ashley fabrics which I think are going to make quite a bold statement when this mini quilt is finished!!

Anyway, I got as far as tracing out the new design onto my linen fabric in between blitzing the house ahead of next weeks visitors.

We then met up with friends for Fish and Chips and by the time we got home I was not in the mood for stitching! So that will become tonight's project.

This months colour for the RSC is Light and Bright blues. I have had to double up on at least one of my fabrics for this as we have already done blues and aquas. Hopefully no more blue to come!

And my swap hexies are winging their way to Australia.

We said goodbye to Mum last week.

It was a lovely service in Mum's beautiful Parish Church with hymns and music chosen by Mum.

 RIP Mum

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Susie H a dit…

Your stitching is so beautiful. I'm collecting the Scrappy Kitchen embroideries but have yet to start on them. Love watching yours come about. Such a sad farewell to Mum. My heart hurts seeing those olden pictures. Glad you have them to look back on.

vintagerose a dit…

Hi Lin my heart goes out to you ,I know how you are feeling,we lost mum last year,there is a hole left in your heart,with time I pray that it will get easier to bare,sending you a big hug and may your dear mum RIP.
Wow Lin I love your blocks you have been very busy ,well done my friend xx

Chantal a dit…

I so love your stitchery. The first picture is so amazing. You have such a talent; I admire you. I'm sorry for your lost. Sending prayers and strength to help you in these hard times. Hugs.

Kate a dit…

Fish and chips with friends make all days better. Your stitching is lovely as always. Enjoy your guests.

Annie a dit…

I am so sorry for your loss.
Your stitching is beautiful. These blocks will make into a very special quilt.
It’s a cute block for your RSC color.
I’m always amazed at hexies. I don’t have the patience to make them but I admire those of you who do love making them.

kiwikid a dit…

You have lovely photos of your Mum Lin, happy memories. Nice you had themusic your Mum liked too.
Your hexies are great too and your dresden block, and your stitcheries are beautiful too. Thinking of you Lin,

Kim a dit…

Your mum's service sounds lovely, though of course sad. How lovely it was how she would have liked it. Beautiful photos of her. You have lots of sweet stitching in your days. Your embroidery is sweet, as are your hexies. They are winging their way to Australia, you say. I love Laura Ashley fabrics of old. Your stitcheries combined with these fabrics is going to be lovely. Hope you have a lovely time with your visitors. Take care, lovely Lin.

Fiona a dit…

Lovely photo's and great to look back at pictures and keep the memories going.... Whatever age you are it's hard saying goodbye to MUm…. meanwhile some wonderful stitching is happening at your place...

Sue's Patchwork and Quilting Blog a dit…

Hi Lin,
Beautiful stitching that you have done. Beautiful fabrics that you have used for the hand embroidery too. Your Dresden flower is also beautiful. I love the blues you have used. I love the colours you you have used in the hexies that you have made. Well done. Our Deepest Sympathy goes to you and your family. Thinking of you all at this sad time. It is never easy losing a loved one. Big hugs to you all.
Love from Sue, Brett and Brandon.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana a dit…

That photo of you and your Mom brought a tear to my eye...there is something about such photos that I find very sentimental. But what a full and well lived life she led and obviously so well loved too. My sincere condolences.
I heard this week that my Mom is being moved from her home to long term care. She is 86 and can no longer care for herself at all. But she too has had a remarkable life.
Anyway, your work is all wonderful. I downloaded Jenny's patterns for someday. Love those Laura Ashley fabrics...I used to have several jumpers of hers. Take care, Lin.

Ondrea a dit…

Family photos are so important. We can remember the happy times as well as the sad times. You have had to deal with so much grief in such a short time and I hope the fond memories of both your dear parents bring you joy and peace. I love your crazy patch stitching and your dresden is beautiful. Jenny's BOM looks lovely with your chosen fabrics.Many angel healing hugs.

The Sloan Patch a dit…

You've got a lovely range of projects going on there Lin. Those stitcheries are incredibly cute. Lovely photos of your Mum Lin. Much love xx

Sharmayne a dit…

Hello Lin, So pleased I chose today to check in again on blogland ... lovely photos of your mum - it amazes me when we look at those older photos to see just how quickly our lives seem to pass by. Sending you big hugs my friend.
And on another note, your work is going so nicely. Love and Hugs, Sharm xo

Rachel a dit…

You're right about the curves on that stitch - just enough to bring some sparkle into the piece.

I'm glad it was a lovely service for your Mum - that helps.

retdairyqueen a dit…

Lovely stitching Nice projects coming along there
Condolences on the loss of your Mum

Karen a dit…

Sorry to hear about your mum passing. So glad it was a service just as she wanted it. The photo's of her are so lovely. For all I love social media at times, I still love to sit and look at real photo's old and new. Love your stitching and have memories of Laura Ashley from my 20's while living in England for a while.

FlashinScissors a dit…

All your stitching looks lovely Lin! I especially like the woven TAST stitch, I’ve been meaning to use that on my current project but I’m using stranded thread and I’m not sure it will work very well.

I’m glad to hear your mum’s service went well. Lovely to see all the old family photos, especially the last one of your mum carrying you.

Barbara xx

Judy a dit…

What a lovely tribute to your Mom. I'm so sorry for the loss of both of your parents. So many wonderful projects to work on, and I love the small embroidery pieces that you're doing.
Take care,

Sue (this n that) a dit…

Beautiful photos of your Mum - real treasures xx
I love the stitch you've featured... the little curves always add interest and feel nice to do (I mean when I paint I love to use curves). Your colours are beautiful.
The three blocks look gorgeous nestled in their surrounds xx

Helen a dit…

Beautiful stitching once again with so many lovely projects it’s hard to pick a favourite. I do love the fabrics and blocks you are working on for Jenny’s project.

JanineMarie a dit…

My sympathies to you in the loss of your mother, Lin. I wish you many happy memories of her long life. The photos of her with family are heartwarming—and that last one is stunning.

KaHolly a dit…

Well, bless your heart! I’m so sorry your mom passed. No matter the age, it’s always such a blow to lose your mom. 8m keeping thoughts of you close to my heart today. Your stitcheries are lovely. I enjoyed seeing Jenny's kitchen stitcheries. Her designs are always such fun. I stopped embroidering awhile ago. Don’t really know why. Maybe because I seldom use them and they just pile up? Shame on me!

Radka a dit…

Oh, how did I miss this post?
Nice pictures of your mum :-)
Your vintage kitchen projects is coming along very well. I think few of us have a bit of old Laura Ashley fabric somewhere, how nice to be able to use it.

Radka a dit…

I forgot to say - I like your header! :-) :-)