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Friday 28 October 2022

Exeter Cathedral

 Earlier this week we met up with friends and spent some time looking around Exeter Cathedral. For those of you who don't live in the UK, Exeter is in Devon in the south west.

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1114 with a major rebuild between 1270 and 1350.

The ceiling you can see here is the longest continuous medieval stone vault in the world at 96 metres long.

There is a replica of one of the bosses that hold the vaulting together in the next picture to the right of the Bishops Throne which is 16m tall.

Everywhere you look in the Cathedral you can see beautiful canvas work and embroidery.

I love the way these cushions are shaped to fit round the pillars.

Some more examples

There were a series of works by Ilya Fisher  on display. She is a photographer who add stitch to her pieces.

If you click on the picture above you should be able to read about her work!

There were lots more unusual things to find in the Cathedral including this Astronomical clock

The hole in the bottom of this door was made in the late 1500's to allow the Bishops cat to enter and deter mice and rats

The tallest of these organ pipes is 11m

And you almost need to stand on your head to see this painting of Christ ressurected under the canopy covering a Bishops tomb

A few more views and first the rest of the organ pipes.

If you are still with me then thank you for taking the time and I hope you enjoyed.

Churndashingalong in October


Having completed the little wall hanging last month (and gifted it) my task this month was to finish putting together the churn within a churn within a churn which will be a tablecloth for me. I did have to order more fabric as those outer squares are 14" but fortunately the shop where I originally bought the fabrics had the last of this line on sale, so not a huge expense.

I do have enough of the pink and brown floral to make a scrappy binding for this and for Wings so I think I had better get that made next before I use them for something else! Also need to look out for something to use as a backing - again for this and for Wings. Then the problem of how to quilt - as I don't do fmq I think I shall have to practice some walking foot designs.

October has been a very mild month here with just one near miss of a frost early in the month. Overnight temperatures at the moment are over 10 degrees. So the garden is still thriving and looking very colourful.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday 22 October 2022

Not one but two!

 Finishes - just like buses, they seem to come together.

I spent the afternoon of FNSI adding the final borders to my Wings and Pretty Things flimsy and it is lovely to see it all finished.

A few close ups.

As usual the colour reproduction is not brilliant - it was pouring with rain and I pegged it to a blind so there is light coming from behind.

I loved working on all of this (well maybe not so much the final border) and am so pleased with the final result. Many thanks to Michelle for her beautiful pattern and encouragement along the way.

This is now heading to my quilting pile but first I need to finish the quilting on my Red Manor House quilt - it is going to keep my legs warm this winter!

Having finished the top and photographed it I moved on to finishing the pair of socks I started in the summer. I like to have a pair of socks on the go for a bit of a change in the evenings. Never quick finishes but there is really no hurry.

For these I used Winwick Mum's basic sock pattern and the lovely stripy yarn was designed by Zandra Rhodes for West Yorkshire Spinners. Very pleased with these and with how I managed to get them to match!

Well that's it from me for today. We have had some sun today which has been good but back to the rain this afternoon. Well, we do need rain. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday 8 October 2022

Friday Night with Friends

 A very profitable FNwFs for me as I ticked several jobs off my list. Having both of us returned from our travels with covid we are confined to home and I can stitch away without any pressure. Fortunately I have only felt like I have a cold although Philip has felt much worse and suffered with a nasty cough and throat. On the mend now fortunately.

So what was I up to - first up I made these pretty swap hexies which will be winging their way down under next time I go out.

Then it was RSC time and I completed the second of my corner rainbow Dresdens.

During the evening I picked up my knitting and completed the back of the heel and the turn on this sock.

Feeling very pleased with myself as I have managed to match the colour change perfectly with the first sock!

Many thanks to Cheryll for getting us together - pop over here to see who else took part and what they got up to.

Still working on all the pictures I took while we were away but will do a holiday post soon.

Have a great weekend.