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Saturday 17 February 2024

FNSI February

 Many thanks Wendy for our Friday Night Sew In - see who else took part here

My first sewing for the day, as always at the moment, was my Stitch Journal. The red page is slowly filling, well actually the month seems to be whizzing past and the page is filling quite quickly!

Yesterdays pebble was the stacked herringbone cross, lower middle. Such a versatile stitch herringbone. And while I am on a red theme here and as I will be linking with Angela for her RSC update here are my log cabins for the month with Jennifer's lovely embroidery (slightly altered to suit me) in the middle of one of them.

These were finished earlier in the week.

But back to Friday. I finally had a trip to a LQS, tucked away on a farm up in the Quantock hills and managed to spend a small fortune but came away with lots of goodies! One of which was binding fabric for my Red Manor House quilt. I machined the binding onto the quilt earlier in the week and have been spending some time each evening hemming it down. So that was my next Friday job. It's a long way around that quilt! I got quite a bit done yesterday but still more to do. Here is work in progress - I think about a quarter left.

Another purchase was the backing fabric for Wings and Pretty Things which has also been waiting quite a while for this next stage. I layered this up at my patchwork group on Tuesday afternoon.

As soon as I have finished hemming RMH I will start hand quilting this. Am so looking forward to quilting again!
Also while I had a large table to work on I layered up last years RSC top.

Those creases are from folding since I layered up - it was ironed before!! This one is for machine quilting and probably Linus so no hurry at the moment.

I think that is all my news for now so I will leave you with the first daffodils in our garden - later than most peoples, I think because they are in a part of the garden that gets no sun. Have a lovely week.

Saturday 10 February 2024

Friday Night with Friends, again!

 Lovely to get another chance to link up with stitchers around the globe for a creative Friday night. Many thanks Cheryll and you can see who else joined in here

I have been travelling this week and was a little behind with my stitch journal but got it all up to date Friday evening. Here is how my reds are looking.

While I was away I was able to crack on with my knitting on coach and train. The swallow sock has progressed nicely and yesterday evening I completed the decrease after the heel turn.

This is knitting up beautifully, however, it is now going to join the easy lace sock I finished last weekend in the UFO bag as I now have a commission for two pairs of socks which need to take priority. The first pair are in another WYS bird yarn called robin. Stay tuned.

I stayed a couple of nights at Frinton on Sea which is across on the east coast in Essex. It is unusual for a seaside town in that there are no shops or amusements along the sea front. Just apartments and houses looking out over a wide green to the sea. There are lots of colourful beach huts along the promenade. I had a couple of lovely walks along the prom and thought I had taken more photographs but it appears not!

It had been very windy the day before and you can see all the pebbles along the prom that had been thrown up by the sea.

You may need to click on this next photograph to enlarge it. In the mist is a huge wind turbine farm.

Thats all from me this week - hopefully I shall be back next week for FNSI. Have a great week.

Saturday 3 February 2024

FNWFs that wasn't!

 Well some of us were stitching along together yesterday! Never mind Cheryll - we are happy to go again next week and if anyone wants to join in then you can sign up now here 

First up for my Friday after a very pleasant day spent with family was my Stitch Journal. Having finished with January

I have moved onto the RSC colour of red for February.

Some of those reds are a bit more coral than red but they are beautiful threads and need using! Here are days one and two.

Next up some knitting. I finished this first lacy sock and I do love how the colours have worked.

As I have some travelling to do next week my next job was to make a start on a Winwick Mum basic sock that will be easy to pick up while I am away. More West Yorkshire Spinners yarn, this one is called Swallow.

And that was my evening - looking forward to next Friday now.

And while I am here another green finish for January - a new Swedish peg bag as my old one had finally, after many years, given up and need to find the bin.

I made this one a little smaller and it is perfect for my needs.

So that is me all caught up. Have a great week everyone.