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Saturday 19 June 2021


 It was time to sew with friends around the world again last night - and relieve the tedium of yet another football match even though it was England v Scotland. For those of you down under, its Euro 2020 (yes I know, it's a year late) and there seems to be three matches a day at the moment. Anyway, to more interesting things.

Friday Night Sew In and thank you Wendy for organising our get together - please pop over to Wendy's blog  here to see who else joined in and what they got up to.

In the afternoon I spent an hour working on my tablecloth and listening to this podcast about positive language and creativity. It's the latest in a series of podcasts about creativity and very interesting. 

My tablecloth has spent the last week or so on the back of the sofa as it has been too hot to work on it, but yesterday, following a few storms, was a cooler day so it was good to get back in the swing of quilting.

In the evening I was working on a new project. I am very fortunate to have 'inherited' the patterns for Field Journal from Fiona. I have so enjoyed watching her work on these beautiful designs over the last year. So last night I worked on this pretty lavender design.

I am not a fan of satin stitch so, being positive, I decided to get this one out of the way early on! My first instinct was to make these little designs into a book but when I realised how many there are I thought my book would be a little unweildy! So my next plan was to make them into finished hexagons which I can then sew together - no idea what the finished size will be but who cares - the fun is in the doing. So here is my first hexagon - the one I finished off a couple of times to get the sizing right!

It measures 4.5" side to side.

In other news my watercolour course has now moved on to fabrics, specifically stripey fabrics and lace, so nothing difficult lol!
For my first attempt I used one of the photographs supplied.

Having happily finished this and thinking that I would never be doing another stripey picture, I remembered my brightly coloured Basque napkins, so I couldnt resist having a go.

Happy with this one too. So then to move onto lace and this is the corner of a small tape lace mat which I have had for years.

This was not as difficult as I had imagined. My only problem was with the background as it was so hot the paint was almost drying as I put it on the paper!
So I have put my paints away now for a few days and am going to have a play in my sketchbooks instead. But for the moment, I am off to find some pretty lavender fabric to frame my embroidery.
Have a great week everyone.

Saturday 5 June 2021

FNwFs and RSC June

 Friday Night with Friends, being at the beginning of the month, is always the ideal time to work on my Rainbow Scrap Challege blocks for the month. And this month is no different. Earlier in the week I got out my scrap box and pulled all the purple scraps - and anything mauve or lilac too as I felt they went together. Just as well too as surprisingly my purple scrap pile was not very big.

So on Friday afternoon I cut out my little hexie Dresden flowers ready to sew in the evening and cracked on with the crumb blocks. Just 3 crumb blocks and only 4 squares for my Scraptherapy box. Still, I did use every last scrap so that was good.

Thank you Cheryll for inviting us round again - pop over to Cherylls blog here to see what everyone else got up to.

Also linking up with Angela here for ScrapHappy Saturday where you can see lots more purple!

I have been busy on and off with my water colours since I last posted and have now moved on from glass to china. First picture my last attempt at glass,then two china pieces.

I also joined in with the #7daysketchbookchallenge on Instagram and did a sketch a day - well I fell behind and did 3 in one day but you get the idea. Having chosen my sketchbook I then discovered on day 2 that our theme would be the 7 colours of the rainbow. My sketchbook wouldnt take wet paint so I stuck with just pencil drawings. I am glad I did though as really sketching was my whole reason for doing the challenge. Here they are in order starting with my red kettle

and finishing with my amethyst ring, the only violet I could find in the house. So glad I joined in with this and I look forward to joining in with the next one.

Well I think that is quite enought from me for one post - have a great week everyone.