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Tuesday 22 April 2014

A Crazy Embroidered Bag

A few weeks ago my friend Chris the UK City Crafter, posted about some gorgeous little bags that she had made. See her post here.

I commented that the bags would be lovely made of Crazy Patchwork - of course, back came the challenge!

Having already had a vague idea at the back of my mind I was quick to pick up the challenge.

This pack of deliciousness

had been sitting in my stash for a while - too good to use!!

There were five 10"squaresof silk in a pack from The Silk Route who always have a lovely stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show.

I chose four of the pieces and cut out four eleongated hexagons to embroider onto and four larger ones for backing.

I am sure that I took pictures of each of the four embroidered panels but I can not find them anywhere so now we jump to pictures of the finished, almost, bag.

I used the leftover pieces of silk to make a rouleaux for the ties.

In her post, Chris mentioned that she had found it tricky matching up the edges on the base of the bag. As I could see that I might also have a problem I decided to join the hexagons together with faggotting. As my original plan was to oversew the edges together and then embroider over the seams, using faggotting meant that I was doing both jobs in one go.

I do think that the base is crying out for an ornate beaded tassel so I shall be thinking about that while I am away over the next few weeks.

I have loved making this bag - more crazy to come soon.


Some useful information

Dear Friends

I have just read this blog by Chrissie D and I have learnt some really useful stuff about facebook and about my blog. There are two tutorials at the bottom of the page about the comments section on my blog which I found very helpful especially the one about word verification. I had no idea that it was enabled on my blog, assuming that it was something that had to be added. It has now been removed and hopefully life will be easier if you choose to leave a comment for me.

Right, I am off to pack for UK.

Have a good week.


Saturday 19 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Seen at St Emilion earlier this week.

Seen in my garden today while I was eating my lunch.

Isn't this hoopoe gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend.


Wednesday 16 April 2014

Wisteria and my first giveaway!

During our first spring here in France, 18 years ago, I fell in love with the beautiful swathes of wisteria flowers that I saw everywhere. I acuired a wisteria plant from a reputable source and eagerly planted it in a suitable position. It thrived and bushed out and still is bushing out all over the place but never a flower has been seen!

Six or seven years ago a friend gave me a tiny seedling that she had grown from wisteria seeds collected from her own wisteria. I planted it in a dubious position, watered it irregularly and slowly it struggled to climb the wall. Three years ago I was surprised to see that this straggly plant  had a few flowers on it! Since then it has thrived and this year we have this magnificent (to my eyes) display of flower.

 A long way to go yet to the magnificent displays that I see all around but I am just so pleased to see this flower.

Glycines is the French word for wisteria - I am not sure why but it feels right, and it's a word I always remember.


A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 100th post and wanted to celebrate with a giveaway to thank my loyal readers, and which I am now going to link to my 60th birthday on May 3rd!

I have this Jacobs Ladder envelope bag to give away and inside there will be a few little surprises.

If you would like to win this bag - and I am happy to ship anywhere - then please leave a comment below. I shall employ Mr RNG on May 3rd to choose a winner.

The sun is shining here this morning and it promises to be another beautiful day - I hope it is where you are.

Lin xx

Saturday 5 April 2014

Frescos and Spring Crazy Block

St Meard de Dronne is the next village to us, down in the valley. This morning we were given a guided tour of the church and the recently exposed Frescos.

St Meard (also known as St Medard) evidently was the Bishop of Noyon in the early 6th century. It is believed that there has been a church dedicated to St Meard on this site since those times as several sarcophagi dating from then have been excavated there.

The reason for our visit was to look at the fresocs in the apse.

It is thought that the fresos were painted around 1500 and that the whole of the interior of the church would have been covered in paintings. However, just 30 years later the paintings were deemed to be blashphemous and attempts were made to destroy them.

In this picture you can clearly see the scratches in the stone made by farm implements in an attempt to destroy the picture. However it seems that this was taking too long and so the pictures were then covered up with chalk. Fortunately for us it means that the pictures were preserved and over the last ten years money has been raised and these paintings have been exposed. It will now take more fundraising before the next section of the church can be cleaned.

On either side of the apse are depicted views of heaven and hell!

Here is heaven showing souls escaping from their graves and queing up at the gates, then St Peter letting them in.

This is hell!

There is also a Last Supper

and Palm Sunday

It is not known who the artists were - it is likely that they were a group who went from church to church in the area. Also the quality of the artwork varies considerably.

This was a very interesting visit and I hope that it is not too long before the rest of the Frescos in the church are exposed.


Linking up with Carli at Good Earth Quilting here is my completed spring crazy block.

I loved doing those little bees and playing with my new collection of silk ribbons.

Hope you are having a good weekend


Thursday 3 April 2014


One of the nice things about a trip to UK is to be able to indulge in a little retail therapy, some of which can be done on-line before hand. This means that on my arrival a little pile of packages is waiting for me!

Last weekend one package contained this beautiful package!

And there were even a few extras

'Found' is a series of 12 stitched textile pieces by Stephanie Redfern featuring her favourite subjects - fossils, bones ,insects, geology and text.

Inside my envelope were 12 A5 cards each featuring one of Stephanies pieces.

The textiles are made from a variety of materials including fabric, paper, screen prints, digital prints, machine and hand stitch and beads.

Here are some of my favourites but they are all fascinating pieces that I have seen evolve on Stephanie's blog.

My macro lens has distorted the images a little - sorry about that.

Last year you may remember me posting about Verity - Damien Hurst's statue in Ilfracombe. Well someone made a very kindly gesture on Tuesday morning!

Penny Clark took these photographs of Verity wearing leg warmers this morning.

Enjoy your day


Tuesday 1 April 2014

March Birthday Stash

It's time again to link up with Wendy and show you the things I have made this month for my birthday stash.

A little while ago Sheila shared a link to make a little patchwork basket which I thought was delightful and so I have now made a couple for my stash!

I am sorry, these pictures are a little on the dull side!

If you would like to make one yourself then here is the link to the Pink Penguin blog and tutorial.

I have another four cut out and ready to sew - one of them is for me!!

Right, must go - have been away for the weekend and there is lots to do.