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samedi 30 janvier 2016

Holiday Challenge

A few years back now I was asked to keep a daily journal/sketchbook as part of a course that I was following. I enjoyed the process very much and continued on long after the end of the course. The Journals make interesting reading and my artwork is a useful reference. However, it is now several years since I seriously did any work on a Journal and so I thought that my upcoming holiday to Spain - did I mention we are off to Spain!! - would be an ideal opportunity to make a new start.
So hence my holiday challenge.
I have a small, A6, plain boring sketchbook which I intend to transform with lots of sketches, notes and colour.

It shouldn't be too difficult to fill at least one double spread a day should it?

I have packed my favourite pens and a small selection of paints and crayons.

Of course, the reason I am blogging about this is that I need to be seen to make a commitment - otherwise it will never happen!

Hope everyone has a great month of February.

10 commentaires:

Susan a dit…

Ooooo Lin, I can't wait to see that little sketch book tranformed in to an amazing work of art. Will you be sharing your daily double page spreads on your blog? Enjoy your trip X:)

Gina a dit…

What a great idea. I would love to be able to do something like this. Unfortuately I struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler. I look forward to seeing your sketches xx

Fiona a dit…

Ill be watching to see what you come up with

Michelle Ridgway a dit…

Love journalling! I think it is a wonderful creative keepsake of your holiday...enjoy!

Sheryl a dit…

Sounds like a good idea and will be interesting to see your progress.

Jeito Mineiro Bordados a dit…

It seems a very interesting thing to do on a vacation trip.
I'm curious to see the result.
I wish a great trip!

Allie-oops Designs a dit…

Ooh how lovely! I'm afraid to commit on my blog to something, I never seem to follow through - but if I don't commit on my blog, I'll do it! Maybe I'm just contrary, lol. Enjoy Spain!

Baa. xxx a dit…

Your holiday challenge is a great idea. I look forward to seeing what you create.

Judy & Marshall a dit…

Best wishes on your successful journaling!! That's a great idea and I bet it will prove useful, especially with your developing embroidery/design ideas.
Have a great time in Spain!

Anonyme a dit…

I love the idea of journaling. I do a lot of words on the computer, but I don't use the sketch book I bought for that purpose. In fact, I may have given it to my son recently.