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samedi 16 février 2019

Friday Night Sew In time again

Joining up once again with Wendy and friends for our monthly sewing evening.

Since my last post I have gone as far as I can with my scissor keeper as I forgot to pack any stuffing!

So I bought some yarn for a new crochet project. I plan to make all different squares and then put them together to make a blanket. These are the squares I have completed so far

and this is the square I crocheted yesterday for FNSI.

I am returning to the shop next week sometime to see if they have the same yarn in a dark grey or black for putting the squares together. I have been trawling the internet looking for different squares to make and have learnt lots of interesting new techniques and had to come to grips with US crochet terminology!

Many thanks for getting us all together again Wendy - you can see what everyone else got up to here

Earlier this week we visited Sorbas, a small town inland from us. The town itself is a typical Spanish hill town with narrow streets and a few little shops tucked away behind curtained doors. Our noses led us to the bakery!
However there is also a pottery there which we found very interesting. Do click on the link here to see a picture of one of the two rooms that were cram packed with pots in all shapes and sizes.
Needless to say we were tempted! Philip fell for the shape of this jug plus it's 'Pisces' decoration.
And I loved the colour of this bowl.
Sorbas is near Tabernas - we did not visit but it was the centre for filming spaghetti westerns back in the 60's as the desert scenery was perfect.

We also found a layby with this amazing view across to the coast.
We also visited Mojacar Pueblo this week. This is a very touristy hill town full of what Philip calls 'trinket' shops! However there are some pretty streets away from the shops and it too has an amzing view.

We finished our morning with a delicious 'fish and chip' lunch on the waterfront at Garrucha.
Well done if you made it this far! Hope everyone had a great FNSI.

vendredi 1 février 2019

Friday Night with Friends

Lovely to be joining up with friends around the world for the evening. We are in Spain again for our annual winter dose of vitamin D!

I have been working on the Pansy Scissor Keeper kit that I bought after Christmas.

This is how far I had got to.

Today I have finished the stitching and made the tassel and cord.

Now I need to make it up.

I feel so fortunate to be here in sunny Spain especially when I hear from friends with sub zero temperatures or flooding and family with snow and ice.

We have spent the last couple of weeks visiting favourite places up and down the coast from here, Philip has joined the local bowls club and we have been out birdwatching and seen a few treats.

The best place I know to sit for a coffee and tostada (toasted baguette with freshly grated tomato and lots of drizzled olive oil).

A lovely day for a paddle!

Nice things to collect from the beach.

There seem to be lots more flowers around this year.

Beautiful deserted beaches.

This is part of the complex we are staying in - sadly not warm enough to swim! But there are lots of lovely  shapes and patterns to play with for designs.

Definitely the best manhole cover I have seen in a long time.

Hope you made it through all those pictures and I look forward to seeing what everyone got up to this evening.

mercredi 9 janvier 2019

More catching up!

Whilst I was away we celebrated my Mother's 90th birthday! This picture shows four generations of our family having

This lovely kit came my way over Christmas - I am looking forward to making it up.

Another kit I am looking forward to working on is this scissor fob which I purchased along with the scissors with some of my Christmas money.

Sue Hawkins has such gorgeous kits it's difficult to choose which to buy!

Well now it is time to get down to some New Year sewing. The RSC colour for this month is red and I need to decide on what I am going to make this year. Plus I have a mystery block to complete ready for next week when my little patchwork group meet. Itching to get back to my 1797 hexies too.

Happy stitching everyone.

mardi 8 janvier 2019

Another New Year!

It's nearly a month since my last post. During that time we have been to UK to visit friends and family over Christmas and New Year. I hope that you all enjoyed Christmas and I wish you all a

A new year means a new journal and this year I have decided to combine my sewing journal with my day to day 'to do' lists etc. I purchased a cheap bullet journal last year and had some fun making a cover for it.

I made a large piece of embellished felt ( you can see my method here ) and used a DMTV travel journal tutorial, adapting it to my own needs.

We spent the weekend before New Year in Bristol and visited the Clifton suspension bridge. I have driven over this stunning bridge several times, so on this occasion it was good to spend some time walking over it and looking around the visitor centre.

There were several competitions to choose the design for the bridge during the early 1800's and Isambard Kingdom Brunel's design was eventually chosen. However the bridge you see above, although his design, was modified by the eventual builders. The bridge was opened in 1864, after Brunel's death.

The bridge is a toll bridge and self funding.

There are lovely views - if it is not foggy and grey!

Good to be out for a walk.

Another lovely visit during our trip was to Hestercombe Gardens near Taunton. Another grey day but even in winter the gardens are beautiful and with a small person in our group the Christmas garden trail was worth doing for it's chocolate reward!

The Witches hut is a favourite stopping place ..

I love the way this tree has pushed its way though the back of the hut and produced some beautiful catkins.

Well I think that is enough for one post - more tomorrow!

samedi 8 décembre 2018

Friday Night with Friends

We were a small but select little group of stitchers yesterday - just 14 of us for the last FNwF's of the year. Many thanks to Cheryll for hosting - even though she was off on the high seas no doubt having a great time! Pop over to Cheryll's blog here to see what everyone was working on.

A few weeks ago now I started a new EPP project. I am joining in with lots of other EPPers around the world making quilts based on this 1797 quilt which is in the V&A collection.

Most people are reproducing the quilt using modern fabrics but of course I have to be different! and so I am using my hand dyed fabrics.

I started the quilt in November so have added this to the centre of my quilt and plan to add odd dates along the way to mark my progress.

This is where I am up to so far

so my task for Friday was to baste hexagons for the next couple of rounds and here is my evenings work.

However, fairly early on I decided that I was not keen on the sudden transition from green to yellow - as shown here.

So I hunted through my fabrics for a mottled green and yellow to put inbetween.

Which I much prefer - sorry about some of my photos, we have sunshine and showers here today so it is either too bright or too dark to get a good picture!
However, there was not enough fabric to do a round on the quilt so I got another dye batch underway

and while I was at it a batch of ultramarine and marine violet for another project.

They were left to brew overnight.

It's not a drying day today so I ironed them dry as I am keen to get cutting and basting.

Terrible picture of the green/yellow but it has turned out as I wanted as has the larger piece of marine violet/ ultramarine which will be perfect for the project I have in mind.

So all in all a very profitable evening - many thanks Cheryll for getting us all together again and all through the year.