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Saturday 22 April 2023

FNSI April

 And yes, you guessed it, more quilting on my Red Manor House. However, happy to say that I am now on the final narrow border so am hoping that next month I shall be able to report a finish!

Many thanks to Wendy for organising our Friday evening again - you can visit Wendy here to see who else took part.

Many thanks also to Dawn at Kitty Rose Cottage for her generous sponsorship of our Friday nights together. I was February's lucky winner and put my voucher towards this gorgeous selection of Tilda Chic Escape fabrics.

Fortunately for me, my niece from Melbourne had a visit to UK planned for just after Easter and so I was able to save myself a bit on postage too. We met up in the Forest of Dean for the day and she handed over my delicious package! Here we are with her two boys sitting in a badger on the Sculpture Trail.

Now, I wonder how I can use all those lovely fabrics...........

Saturday 15 April 2023

FNWF's April

 Well I wish I had something more exciting to share with you but I am STILL quilting Red Manor House!

However, just a few more of these sashing panels to work on and then it will be the last narrow border that you can see on the right.

So many other projects that I want to crack on with but am being very strict with myself!

Many thanks t o Cheryll for getting us together again - please pop over to Cherylls blog here to see who else took part.

Saturday 8 April 2023

RSC April

 Just a quick post with my purple hearts for April

and to wish you all a very


linking up with Angela for Scraphappy Saturday

Sunday 2 April 2023

More March Travels

 For our second trip in March we spent a week on Gibraltar visiting my brother and his wife. A whole week without rain and nice sunny days - bliss!

On our first day I was taken up the Mediterranean Steps which turned out to be a lot steeper and more difficult than I had anticipated! However, I made it to the top in a reasonable time and was really glad I had done it. In fact I would do it again as the view was stunning and it was so peaceful. Lush green, colourful flowers and plenty of birds singing away.

Setting off this was the view south to Europa point and, somewhere in the distance, Africa

Lovely view down to the Europa point lighthouse.

We were heading up there somewhere!

Looking south at the eastern side of The Rock towards Spain.

Once we reached the top and stepped over to the West side we heard all the noise of a busy city and dock yard.

Two views of the Western side the first looking to Africa and the second to Spain.

 And of course there were monkeys - Barbary Macaques.

Looking north along the ridge.

And on another day looking south to O'Hara's Battery - I came up from the Mediterranean Steps nearby.

Looking up to O'Hara's Battery from Europa point.

The rock itself is full of cavesSiege Tunnels built in the 1700's and the WWII Tunnels.

St Michaels cave is beautifully lit and my photos do not do it justice.

 Traditionally every evening the four gates to the city were locked and the keys handed to the Governor for safe keeping overnight. Every Saturday at 12 noon there is a re-enactment of The Ceremony of the Keys. Each week the actors wear uniforms from different era's and we were fortunate to see them in these colourful uniforms. They march along Main Street ending at Casemates Square for the ceremony.

Gibraltar airport makes for an interesting landing! The runway stretches across the neck of land that separates Gibraltar from Spain. We found a good spot to watch a plane coming in to land. First though, as the main road in and out of Gibraltar crosses the runway it has to be closed and cleaned.

That van is pulling some sort of cleaning device.

You can just see the plane approaching the runway above - when we landed it felt like we had almost stopped over the sea!

Below you can see the plane crossing the main road.

We enjoyed our week including a day in Spain visiting Tarifa - the bit of Spain closest to Africa. It was a breezy day and there were lots of kite surfers out in the afternoon making a very colourful display.

It was good to catch up with family and an old friend. 

Saturday 1 April 2023

RSC March

 I just managed to complete my green hearts in March. Now looking forward to a purple month.

Happy April!