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Friday 29 September 2023

Cornwall part 2


The National Trust property Godolphin was just a few miles from where we were staying near Helston (NW of Helston if you are looking at the map) and I had been looking forward to visiting. Unfortunately it became a case of dodge the showers as we walked round the gardens so it would have been nice to spend more time there.

The house is a two story building most of which is closed to the public as it is used as a holiday let.

The gardens looked lovely considering it was September and raining!

The entrance to the Kings Garden - so called because the gardens were 'fit for a King' and were the entrance to the guest apartments of the house.

At St Erth there is a large park and ride where you can leave your car and take the train for a 10 minute ride to St Ives. We did not spend much time in St Ives as it was incredibly busy and we didnt feel like battling through crowds to get to see anything. However, took a few pictures of the harbour which is very picturesque.

We found a lot of these noisy Turnstones around the harbour area.

Going back on the train we sat on the left hand side so had amazing views of Carbis Bay across to Hayle which was well worth the trip. Unfortunately train windows not clean enough for photographs!

We visited Marazion and looked across to St Michaels Mount.

I was not doing well for photographs that day - here the sun was in totally the wrong direction!

Our last day was incredibly windy - I watched an umbrella fly past the bedroom window before I got up! - and showery. We spent an hour wandering round Helston and then moved on to The Lizard and the chocolate factory near Mullion. Interesting to be able to watch some of the chocolates being made and to indulge in some delicious purchases. There are other interesting craft shops and galleries to visit there too.
From there we drove on to the Lizard point and stopped for lunch. The sun was shining so we sat outside in one of the cafe's huts just in case it rained. But it was incredibly windy. I did fear for my salad as it was delivered! However lovely to sit there and look at the view. I was not looking my best I have to say but there was a very rare photograph taken of me.

After a walk down to the point and a look at the birds we retreated to the car just in time to miss a downpour and happily sat there with our books and binoculars for the rest of the afternoon.

Hope you enjoyed the second installment of our trip - I shall be back soon with some sewing news.

Saturday 23 September 2023

Cornwall part 1

 We have just had a few days away in Cornwall and mostly avoided bad weather until the last day when we drove home in torrential rain!

I thought that I would attach a map for those of you not familiar with UK geography and this one shows most of the places we visited.

We were staying just outside Helston and arrived late afternoon after visiting family also staying in the area. So the next day we drove to Lizard point - the most southerly part of England.

There were seals out on those rocks - not close enough for a photograph though.

From there we moved on to Gunwalloe Church cove, further up the left hand side of the Lizard peninsular. It was lunchtime and we had the beach almost to ourselves!

From the beach you get a glimpse of the church which nestles behind the rocks of Castle Mound.

The church is the low building on the right and the separate Bell tower on the left is built into the rock.

St Winwaloe's was originally known as 'The Church of the Storms. There has been a church on the site since the 5th century, the current building dates from the 15th century and the bell tower from the 13th century.

Just imagine what that beautiful carving on the porch roof beams must have looked like when new!

All dressed up for a wedding - a popular spot I should imagine.

Before leaving the Lizard we had to drive past the enormous satellite dishes at Goonhilly Earth Station  just as it was starting to get dark.

And so the end of our first day - and I think of this post! I shall be back soon with part 2.

Saturday 2 September 2023

FNwFs September

 September 1st and the start of autumn, haha. It has been autumnish here for the last week or so but this week summer is set to return with temperatures possibly reaching the high 20's. Well that will be very pleasant, thank you.

And thank you too to Cheryll for organising our Friday evening ( and afternoon) again. Pop over here to see who else took part. Gosh, we were a select few, where was everyone? Hope to see a few more next month.

I stitched for a while in the afternoon and again in the evening working on this Field Journal stitchery. Nearly finished now.

I also spent about half an hour crocheting and I will show a picture of that in a minute. 

I do seem to have a few things to show you that I have been working on over the last couple of weeks.

This Jumper is now a finish.

This was a stash buster hence the varied colours. I had a pattern for a jumper like this - it was Rowan - which I knitted up a couple of times and was my favourite shape. Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid the pattern so I had to adapt and improvise. The neck is not exactly right but it will be fine - nice and cosy with a shirt for the winter. Now as we all know, stash busters never seem to knock much of a hole in the stash and so I still have a bag full of this colour combo lurking under the bed. So knowing how crochet eats wool I have started a ripple blanket (Attic 24 ripple pattern) to try and tame that stash. And that is what I spent a little time on yesterday.

I have decided one or two rows a day will be enough to make this grow quickly.

I have two more FJ stitcheries ready to frame

I tend to wait until I have four ready and then finish them off.

The garden has done really well this summer with lots of flowers and colour right the way through. It has been nice to have it buzzing with bees and full of butterflies. I thought it would be nice to record the varieties of butterfly we have seen in the garden by sketching them and at the same time playing with my coloured pencils. Here are the results.

I still have one more to slot in - possibly on the first page bottom left as it is one with it's wings closed. Anyway, I enjoyed working on these.

So that's it for now, have a lovely weekend.