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Saturday 17 February 2018

FNSI and Lily Pond finish

My Friday began with a very pleasant few hours by Mojacar bowling green working on some secret stitching which progressed very well. Had hoped to include pictures of Mojacar in this post but my computer is playing up and the pictures are on there.
Once back at our apartment I started snipping off all the ends on my Lily Pond - Cherry Blossom crochet. Yes, I completed the crochet on Thursday. Sadly my tablet will not let me show you my photograph!
Hope everyone had a good Friday and enjoy your weekend.

Update - click on my Instagram link to see a picture of my Lily Pond!

Sunday 4 February 2018

Friday Night with Friends

Friday turned out to be a busy day - big local market in the morning, a drive along the coast in the afternoon and a meal out with friends in the evening! So not a lot done to report about here but I did manage to squeeze in an hour of crochet.
This is the penultimate block for my Lily Pond blanket at the beginning of the session.

I finished it and made a start on the last block too.

Cant wait to finish it and complete putting all the blocks together.

We have now been in Spain a week and have been enjoying the sunshine. There has also been some much needed rain but fortunately overnight. We have mostly been visiting favourite places but on Thursday found a 'new to us' beach south of San Jose about an hour from here. We followed signs through the town and down a dusty track to find this beautiful bay.

Los Genoveses
There were a few people around but mostly we had the beach to ourselves for a blowy but very enjoyable walk.
There were lots of these jellyfish on the beach.
I will spare you the picture of a large dead fish - we think possibly a porpoise - washed up on the shore.
When we returned to our car we saw this goatherd passing through with his flock.
The only domesticated animals that we see here are goats - there are no sheep or cattle. Yesterday we saw a herd of goats let loose in a field where lettuce had recently been cut, they were having a wonderful time!
Here is a view of Los Genoveses looking back from the track.

And a local windmill - there are a lot of these around, it's a windy area.
I am off to visit a few blogs - have a great week.