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Saturday 25 March 2023

March travels

 There has been some sewing going on this month - mainly quilting Red Manor House, but I also have new cushions on my dining room chairs. My RSC blocks are cut, but yet to be sewn.

However we have been travelling this month and first up was a long weekend in Cornwall leaving on Friday morning. First up was a visit to an old friend of Philips in Liskeard, then on to Charlestown. This stunning harbour has been used in many films and TV series (some listed here ) but most notably to my mind Poldark.

It was a great place for lunch and we also found some nice craft shops and a very well stocked antique shop. Lucky to have such a nice sunny day too.

The next day we visited first Fowey. It was cold and windy so we didn't see it at it's best!

Here I was looking across the river to Polruan.

We decided to drive on to Menabilly Barton and parked in a field with this lovely sign.

We took a gentle stroll down to Polridmouth Bay (past the milk churn) which is unspoilt and quiet.

Menabilly is well known as being the home of Daphne de Maurier for some years. After her husband died she moved to nearby Kilmarth which is used as the setting for The House on the Strand which I very much enjoyed reading while we were away.

On Sunday we visited The Eden Project which I had been very much looking forward to - and was not disappointed. Being March the gardens were still looking wintry although there was a good display of spring flowers around the domes.

I loved the Rainforest biome - we were greeted by these lovely little  Roul-roul partridges which were introduced to the dome as a pest control. They scratch the soil and eat any bugs and are especially fond of cockroach eggs evidently. The original small group has multiplied until now they have no idea how many there are in the biome.

They scuttle around making them difficult to photograph.

The Mediterranean biome was not so spectacular but again I am sure it will be later in the season.

The weather changed on Monday and we had some rain at times. We stopped in Bodmin and were just in time to watch the annual St Piran's Day march. These people at the head of the march were followed by all the local schoolchildren waving their black and white Cornish flags.

And finally we visited the stunning - but stark- Castle Drogo.

However, inside it is beautiful and must have been very comfortable. It was built between 1911 and 1930 and is the last castle to have been built in Britain. Lovely gardens too!

I hope you have enjoyed this little visit to Cornwall as much as I did.