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Thursday 14 January 2016

Dear Jane - Your Time Has Come!

My Dear Jane quilt has been a work in progress since 2002 although for most of that time it has languished in a box!
I first blogged about my Dear Jane here in 2012 and for a year there were various updates on my progress, but then I discovered Crazy Patchwork and poor Jane languished again!
Well, 2016 is my year of finishes and Dear Jane has surfaced! However, I now know that she will never be a completed full size quilt and so I have decided to just make use of the blocks that I have already made and enjoy them as they are. Not to mention enjoying the stack of fabric which was also stored away and which can be added to my stash!
So first of all I got out all my blocks and laid them out on the table in order.
Here they all are.
 I had 43 completed blocks.
By consolidating them
into a 7x7 square I could make a decent lap quilt. All I needed were six more blocks and luckily when I delved into the box I found two that had escaped the photo shoot which meant I had only four to make! I chose a few fairly easy ones so they were soon complete.
This afternoon I made a start on adding the the downward sashing between the blocks and this is how Jane is looking now.
Just the long crossways sashing to add and then I can think about the border which will probably be elongated triangles similar to the ones on the original quilt.

It feels good to be doing something positive with these blocks.

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  1. Sometimes you just know that you won't go on with it. I think it is a lovely idea...you could call it a "touch of Jane" I think anyone who does 1 of these blocks is amazing. Well done!

  2. Lovely Lin andsometimes it is better to re evaluate and finish off so you can enjoy the project in a different form. Happy Se wing and enjoy your new found stash of fabrics too.

  3. I love how you are doing the colours of the blocks here.... wonderful

  4. Very interesting layout of the blocks , I think your plan is great , this will make a lovely lap quilt . Best of luck finishing your quilt .

  5. Nice to meet you Jane - you are looking good!

  6. Original in colours, so beautiful.

  7. I'm with the other ladies, much better to adapt and finish off a project than feel guilty about the pile of unfinished blocks lurking about! Really striking colours, it will look great. Who knows I may well be following your lead in a few months!

  8. It's great to see this Lin as Chris from UK City Crafter is just starting one and it has given me more of an idea of the detail in it. It's lovely, are you hoping to hand or machine quilt it? xx

  9. What amazing problem-solving, Lin. Your version of Dear Jane is perfect. You have given me hope that I can do something with my Poor "Dear Jane" which has been relegated to the cupboard.

  10. Hi Lin I started a farmers wife quilt a few years ago, I think I managed to do half a dozen or so blocks before mine to went into hiding in a drawer. They are beautiful quilts and I look forward to seeing your fiinshed dear Jane. X:)

  11. Wow! That looks amazing, as if you had planned it from the beginning. It's gorgeous.

  12. I love your choice of fabrics, Lin! Good idea making a smaller quilt, rather than not finishing at all; it will look great :-)

  13. I'm actually doing something similar. I have made or gotten (in a swap) enough DJ blocks to make 4 small wall hangings and that's how I'm going to handle them. One done - three to go. I like your colors in yours. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I think that's a great idea! Sometimes you are just ready to finish a project and move to the next one. I like the colors that you're using and the blocks are all so unique. When you finish this, I bet you'll be quite happy!


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