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Saturday 6 April 2024

FNWFs April

 A new month means a new RSC colour and that means yellow. So my first hour on Friday afternoon was spent on my Stitch Journal. Circles this month and Fridays circle is the one top right.

I will show you some close ups from last month later in this post.

While stitching I was watching a tutorial about making a zig zag sketchbook from one sheet of paper, easy peasy! So of course I had to have a go. I didn't take any pictures of work in progress but basically what you do is make lots of folds in the large sheet of paper then add some random paint and or script. I went for spirals. Then once dry you make 3 cuts and then fold to make your zig zig book. At three points you get some awkward folds but we were shown how to turn these into pockets and windows before adding the outer covers. So if you are still with me, here is my finished book. I rummaged around and found some spiral printed paper in my stash which was appropriate.

A pocket

and a window

The idea is that you have eliminated 'white page syndrome' and can work into the pages with sketches or collage over anything you don't like. Those splotches were not what I had intended - one side of my paper is very absorbent and instead of being able to swirl that paint around it just soaked in!

Anyway, once I get a larger sheet of paper I shall be repeating this and it was quick, easy and fun.

Next up was my second RSC project and I started on the little embroidery from Jennifer. I got the log cabin strips cut earlier in the week so am all set to go once I finish the embroidery.

And that was my Friday - many thanks to Cheryll for hosting us. Pop over to her blog to see who else took part.

Also this week, a new pair of socks on my needles

and I do love this West Yorkshire Spinners Rum Paradise sock yarn.

Also, as promised some closeups of my March Stitch Journal page now that it has been pressed.

It has been a lovely sunny, if very windy, day here as storm Kathleen passed us by - lets hope she has not done too much damage in the rest of the country.

Have a good week everyone.

Friday 29 March 2024

End of March catch up

 I have been planning to post all week but there was always another stitch to make! And there was the week gone, just like the month really, cant believe how quickly it has gone.

So my purple Stitch Journal page is almost complete.

Each little box has been outlined using a different method or thread combination of couching. Lots of what if's  here and some have worked better than others. I will post some close ups when it is finished. I have been using small bits of precious threads - some silk or linen - in the last box rather than throw away and am planning an Easter egg to work on the top of them. Then looking forward to next months colour - and circles!

Another pair of Winwick Mum basic socks were finished this week.

The yarn for these was called Robin.

I have made a start on quilting the first borders of Wings and Pretty Things using a simple feather design.

I have not made as much progress on this as I had hoped, mainly because a distraction arrived in the post.

Raewyn sent me this delightful little pattern and, bliss oh bliss, some gorgeous blue Cottage Garden thread to work it in. Thank you Raewyn. And so of course I got started and couldn't put it down - until I had to wait for the measuring tape tape to arrive that is.

So delighted with this little set - I even ordered a new pair of scissors! and made the scissor pouch a little larger to accommodate them. Am now waiting for some press studs to arrive as I have been unable to track down my tin full. No doubt they will turn up in a day or so when I am looking for something else. Otherwise it is all complete. Now I am going to crack on with the quilting.

We are well into 'April' showers here with torrential downfalls one minute and blazing sunshine the next!

But did manage to pick a dry day last week for a trip out to a National Trust property. Lytes Cary Manor
which was a first for me. What a delightful house with lots of beautiful wood paneling. I didnt take any pictures inside but nicked this one of a beautiful stumpwork mirror frame from the NT web site.

The bottom third of the stumpwork was worked in the 1660's the rest in the early 20th century. Lots of beautiful details including Kings Charles and Queen Henrietta in the original section and Lytes Cary Manor in the top section.

The gardens were looking good and the gardeners were busy moving a huge heap of compost from the front of the house to the gardens. Here are a few of my favourite pics.

That is all from me for now. Wishing you all a very Happy Easter - and of course chocolate!

Saturday 16 March 2024

FNSI March

 Another Friday came around and it was a busy one for us as we were out all day. So it was nice to sit and relax in the evening with a little bit of slow stitching on my Stitch Journal.

I worked on the rectangle bottom right with knotted feather stitch and French knots. I do love purple so it is nice to have all these different shades and threads to play with. While on the purple theme I finished my RSC blocks for the month earlier this week and they have gone into the folder with the others.

And also on the subject of thread, a dear friend in Australia very kindly sent me these beautiful Cottage Garden threads and I was over the moon!  Thank you.

I am determined to use every bit of these and not sit on them for too long waiting for that 'special' project!

I have been quilting this week and completed the centre panel of Wings.

My next job is to mark up that first border and I am thinking feathers to tie in with the wings. And I do think I am going to be 'winging' it as I usually use a stencil for my borders but can't find one in UK to buy.

Finally, about 10 days ago now, We had visitors here and the weather was good! So I was able to get a decent picture of Red Manor House now that it finally has it's binding.

And in it's new home.

Many thanks to Wendy, who was a busy bee yesterday, for organising our FNSI's.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Saturday 2 March 2024

FNWFs March

 March 1st and the first day of spring - well it was cool and wet so pretty much like winter has been really.

Thank you Cheryll for inviting us again - hoping you are having fun with your visitors. Pop over to Cheryll's blog here to see who else took part.

I had hoped to get RSC threads and fabrics organised for the month but Angela didn't announce the new colour until it was too late for me - so today I am going to be rummaging through my purples.

My Friday was spent quilting Wings and Pretty Things. I started last weekend and the centre panel is all starting to look good.

I have one more corner to go round before the panel is finished.

I finished up my February Stitch Journal panel on Thursday and have enjoyed using my reds. Somehow threads are like fabric and however much you use you still seem to have the same amount left!


Sad to say goodbye to Hairy Biker Dave this week. We have followed the Hairy Bikers on their travels since the first series in Portugal and enjoy their relaxed and cheeky presentation. Great recipes too.


Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your purples and challenges.

Saturday 17 February 2024

FNSI February

 Many thanks Wendy for our Friday Night Sew In - see who else took part here

My first sewing for the day, as always at the moment, was my Stitch Journal. The red page is slowly filling, well actually the month seems to be whizzing past and the page is filling quite quickly!

Yesterdays pebble was the stacked herringbone cross, lower middle. Such a versatile stitch herringbone. And while I am on a red theme here and as I will be linking with Angela for her RSC update here are my log cabins for the month with Jennifer's lovely embroidery (slightly altered to suit me) in the middle of one of them.

These were finished earlier in the week.

But back to Friday. I finally had a trip to a LQS, tucked away on a farm up in the Quantock hills and managed to spend a small fortune but came away with lots of goodies! One of which was binding fabric for my Red Manor House quilt. I machined the binding onto the quilt earlier in the week and have been spending some time each evening hemming it down. So that was my next Friday job. It's a long way around that quilt! I got quite a bit done yesterday but still more to do. Here is work in progress - I think about a quarter left.

Another purchase was the backing fabric for Wings and Pretty Things which has also been waiting quite a while for this next stage. I layered this up at my patchwork group on Tuesday afternoon.

As soon as I have finished hemming RMH I will start hand quilting this. Am so looking forward to quilting again!
Also while I had a large table to work on I layered up last years RSC top.

Those creases are from folding since I layered up - it was ironed before!! This one is for machine quilting and probably Linus so no hurry at the moment.

I think that is all my news for now so I will leave you with the first daffodils in our garden - later than most peoples, I think because they are in a part of the garden that gets no sun. Have a lovely week.