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dimanche 25 septembre 2016

A Nice Surprise!

My copy of STITCH arrived this week and it was a nice surprise to find a picture of my work inside the back cover in the readers Gallery section. I had completely forgotten that I had sent in a picture!

I have not had much time to sew this week but did spend an hour finishing off this piece of work.

I lined it and then turned it into this little sewing bag.

Somewhere to keep my Slow Stitching kit.

We have had visitors this week and so have been out and about. First to Brantome.

To St Emilion

and home via St Aulaye to see their Felibree decorations.

We enjoyed a visit to Chateau de Puygilhem which had a brilliant exhibition about the curiosities wealthy people collected on their travels in the 16th and 17th centuries and how they displayed them.

It was a busy week as our visitors also helped us to move this delivery of wood which is now ready for us to use over the winter.

So when it does turn cold we should be nice and cosy.

samedi 17 septembre 2016

Friday Night Sew In for September

Twenty-five lovely ladies got together last night to sew - thank you very much Wendy for hosting us and you can visit Wendy's blog here to see what everyone was doing.

I have been reading this lovely book by Claire Wellesley Smith.

Slow Stitch means working with recycled or organic fabrics and threads dyed with locally sourced, natural dyestuff and working slowly and rhythmically with the seasons. Threads and fabrics are solar dyed over days or weeks and fabrics might be left outside to weather in sun, wind and rain. Now, I don't think shall be throwing out all my fabrics and starting again but I shall be having a go at dyeing some threads with fruit and leaves foraged from my garden. I was also keen to have a go at some of the simple stitching ideas shown in the book and made a start with this simple piece of dyed wool felt and some strips of my own dyed fabrics left over from my Rainbow Log Cabin.

I love wonky log cabin and I stitched these down by hand. You can see I have drawn in a line to mark my first row of stitching.

Here is the finished piece - it is about 7" square. I love the way this has turned out and also enjoyed slowly stitching along with everyone else.

mardi 13 septembre 2016

Piecing Myself Together again

Well here we are again on PYT Tuesday and linking up with Anthea for all things EPP.

So I have several Morris Hexathon blocks to share with you.

First of all #16 Hammersmith Terrace.

Having cut all the pieces for the mini version I chickened out of the tiny triangles hence the little hexie flower!

#17 Folly. Made a right hash of the centre so appliqued the little circle on to hide it!

#18 Parquetry

This weeks block is well under way but I shall save it for the next EPP post as I have this to show you

Yes, I have started to put together my blue swap flowers and am feeling happy with my yellow path so far. Can you see the brown grass and dead moss under my hexies? It's two and a half months since we had any decent rain and the garden is looking oh so sad. Here is one corner of what we call the little garden - dead grass and sad plants.

We have storms forecast for this evening but as they will be accompanied by strong winds they will probably do more harm than good! Any rain though will be gratefully welcomed.

Have a good week.

jeudi 8 septembre 2016

The Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade

I am linking up with Ida at My Sister Made Me do it for her second Parade of Pincushions and I have already seen some real beauties around blogland. Do pop over to her blog to see some gorgeous pincushions.

I am starting off with this one which lives near my sewing machine and which sits quite handily by it while I am machining.

When not in use it sits in this little matching basket which was a Jenny of Elefantz design and holds a few other tools and essentials!.

This florentine/bargello pincushion is not in use but sits on my shelf of needlework tools. I made it as part of my C&G course back in the 80's.

The box was intended to hold a thimble and now holds a  few from my collection.

Finally my newest pincushion - I love that Tilda fabric and the little glass dish cost just 50pence from a charity shop. I stuffed it with walnut shells so it is nice and heavy.

Many thanks to Ida for organising this link up.

samedi 3 septembre 2016

Friday Night With Friends update

Many thanks to Cheryll for hosting us again this month even though she is off on her travels. Do pop over to her blog here to see what everyone got up to.

I started on Thursday afternoon by printing this piece of felt so that it would be nice and dry for Friday and some fun stitching. It is aproximately A3 size.

I used my favourite Hundertwasser spiral print block and some gold acrylic paint.

The next stage on Friday was to finish decorating the surface and this I did by bonding a sheer nylon scarf to the surface

trapping some hot fix Angelina between the layers.

I also bonded some black felt to the reverse to make a nice firm fabric.

Next job was to meander all over the surface of the fabric with some lovely Cotona thread.

And so I ended up with this very firm piece of bonded and embellished felt.

And the reason for all this I hear you ask? Well I have some Christmas present ideas in mind for some of it but for the time being I needed a case for my crazy patchwork stencil/templates - they have sat in polythene bags for far too long!

I hope everyone had a great evening and I look forward to visiting to see what has gone on.

Have a lovely weekend.

dimanche 28 août 2016

UFO update and A Holiday Tote

I thought it was about time that I got on with another UFO project and going through my box I came across these shibori fabrics that I dyed a few years ago. There are six fat quarters and as I did not know what I was going to do with them - but definitely not a quilt - I left them on the dining room table for a few days waiting for inspiration to strike.

Reading through my blog list I came across this post on s.o.t.a.k handmade - thirty three tote bag tutorials, what a lot of choice! When I saw this market bag pattern I thought it would be perfect for my fabrics. Here is the original bag using Tula Pink fabrics which are stunning.

The design is free with just one download for the shaped pocket. 

This was it! So I had a look through my stash for a suitable lining fabric and came up with this which I am really pleased with.

So off I went. No in progress shots - sorry. I have tweaked the pattern a little. I didn't use the shaped outer pocket but just a plain one as I wanted to make them different sizes. Also, piping and me do not get on so I did a sort of faux piping on the pocket tops. Inside I added an extra, extra large pocket as I want to use this as a holiday tote and I always need somewhere to store ticket and hotel reservation printouts. The handles are my own method too as I like sturdy handles. So here is my finished tote.

 Two pockets on one side for sketchbook and paints.

 Three inside pockets

 A large pocket on the other side for essential holiday reading and two smaller pockets - one will hold a ruler and the other pens.

Inside view
I am very pleased with this pattern - the positioning of the outside pockets means that the bag sits nicely and the front and back of the main bag  use two pieces of 18"x18" fabric which cuts down on waste/scraps. I have one fat quarter left over and a few oddments so I feel a zippy pouch is on the cards.

Have a great week - it looks like it is going to be hot and dry again here!