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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Oh Dear Jane!

Reading various blogs I find that quite a few people are working on 'Dear Jane' Quilts.
Back in 2002 I bought the book and a stack of fabric and embarked on the journey. But soon after, I started on a City & Guilds course and Jane was parked in a box up in a top cupboard, and there she has languished for the last 10 years. (I have to say she is not my oldest UFO!)
Inspired by all the lovely work I have seen I decided to get Jane out again and instead of rushing at it like last time I would try to complete one or two blocks a month and take it steady.
Of course I did not choose an easy route - my plan was a colour wash quilt going from dark blue in the top left corner to yellow in the bottom right corner via purply reds and orange.
So here are the 11 blocks I completed in 2002.

I must say my eyesight was better in those days!

So off I go to start on my next block.



  1. Hello Lin, I wish you all the best on your DJ Journey. I do like your color plan, I'm sure it will be beautiful. Looking forward seeing some you next block.

    1. Thank you Paula - 2 new blocks coming up!

  2. How lovely they all look together. Slow and steady is a good plan. My goal was one center block a week, which I did. Now I am on to the triangles, but not one a week, just as I feel like it. Though it would have been nice to have finished them by the end of the year.

    1. Karen - how rude of me not to reply! Thank you so much for your comment. I think one a week is a good idea although some of them are simple and some seem to take hours!

    2. Bonjour du Canada! Je débute également une courtepointe Dear Jane. Je ne ferai pas les blocs dans l'ordre de la courtepointe mais bien selon mon humeur. Je lirai votre blog de temps à autre pour voir comment vous allez. L'aventure débute!

    3. Bonsoir et merci a votre commentaire.
      I am sorry to write in English but I know google will translate.
      I have so enjoyed looking at your blog - such beautiful and precise work. Thank you so much for contacting me.


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