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Monday, 20 August 2012

Tree Frog and the 'canicule'

The tree frog is on the grille outside my window again today. We have not seen much of him/her this summer, probably as it was not warm enough early on.

We had three, on and off, outside the window last year - here is one taking a bath in the bowl of water I put out for them. I expect that the cold winter is the reason for the lower numbers.

Not quality pictures I am afraid as they were taken through the window.

We have had 10 days of temperatures over 30, with 38 over the weekend. Nice at first not to feel guilty about sewing instead of weeding but having to keep the doors closed to keep out the heat is not fun. And it is so dusty.

I have completed another DJ block, have several cut out and ready to sew in the evenings and have started putting a few together with their sashing. I need to work the sashing as I go along so that the colours blend in with my blocks.

Geese are still landing and hopefully the top will be finished by the end of the week.

Have a good week and thank you for reading this


  1. Hi Lin sounds like you have been busy. Not sure if I like the frogs they look quite big. I think i'd just like to view them through a window to. :)

  2. Cute little tree frog, such a pretty colour! Excellent Dear Jane block and a good idea to work the sashing as you go. Sometimes I wish I had done that. We must have sent you the high temperatures, as we are now enjoying some cooler days.

  3. Hello and thanks for visiting.
    I read that you visited Italy and I hope you enjoyed.
    Your butterflies are beautiful and I will read all your blog.
    Ciao Linda


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