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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Odds and Ends

In 1979 I started making my first quilt - Grandmothers Flower Garden - and the following year the top was ready to layer and quilt. Having very little knowledge of patchwork and even less of quilting, from somewhere I found out that I needed to use a hoop when I was quilting. So I ordered one from
 Strawberry Fayre and have been using it ever since. However, last year there was an ominous creak and I noticed a crack on the inner ring so I made an effective repair with brown tape and bias binding.
However last week there was an even more ominous creak and whoops, after 30+ years, my hoop finally gave up!

So I emailed the wonderful Strawberry Fayre and they are sending a new hoop to me in UK where I shall be next week. If you do not know Strawberry Fayre they sell traditional patchwork fabrics, but most useful, is that they have always sent out packs of fabric swatches which means that you can spread them out on the table, play around with them, come back tomorrow and play around with them again and make your selection. Much more relaxed than buying in a shop and more accurate than buying on line. Also the personal service is brilliant. In the 80's when I lived in Italy they were brilliant and the only place I could buy patchwork fabrics and have them sent out to me. They still offer superb service and orders from here in France are turned around in a week.

A couple of years ago Stitch Magazine gave a rough pattern for 'Bushkiri' bags and I made a lot for presents. Sadly the one that I made for my neice who was living in Senegal never arrived and so this summer I made another for her.

These are made from a 6" embroidered squares with the corners turned in, envelope style. I used cotton fabric and threads that I dyed myself using procion dyes. I love chain stitch - it is vey soothing, like hand quilting. I am sending this one to her in UK this time, where she will be spending Christmas.

I spent an afternoon this week clearing leaves in the garden - they were wet and looked so gorgeous!

And finally
This African Marigold does not seem to be affected by the frost!

I made 4 doz mince pies this afternoon for our Carol Service tomorrow in Chancelade Abbey but otherwise have been busy packing, planning and organising for our trip away. My next post will be from the UK!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Lin xx


  1. your little bag is gorgeous. I love chain stitching too.
    Have fun packing and we will hear from you from England!

  2. Lin, your Bushkin bag is glorious, please do a tutorial for us next year.

    Keep safe on your journey,

    Fiona x

  3. Your poor hoop, I love my hoop and would be very sad if it was to creak and whoop! Beautiful Bushkiri bag, I must google that and learn more. Lovely leaves in your garden, I can smell them, so good!

  4. It sounds like your hoop was well loved and I'm glad to hear that you could find another just like it! I really like your bag and admire the fact that you hand dyed the threads as well as the fabric.

  5. Your chain stitching is so pretty. I agree - handwork is soothing. I hope your new hoop fits you as well as your old one!


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