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Tuesday 29 January 2013

A Signature Quilt

Two years ago we heard that our Assistant Chaplain, Caroline, had her house on the market and was planning to retire to the UK to be nearer her daughter.
Following her success with a quilt for our ex Chaplain who returned to the UK in 2009 my patchwork friend Madeleine and I decided that it was time to co-ordinate another quilt.

The Selman Quilt, 2009
Each of the blocks in The Selman Quilt has a biblical connection and relevant quotation, each of which is documented in a book along with the names of all in the Chaplaincy who contributed.

(I made the book)

This time, we went for a completely different look and wanted to involve as many people in the Chaplaincy as we could. We decided on a Signature Quilt and the call went out to all in the Chaplaincy for 'bricks' 
20cm x 10cm in warm, flame colours depicting The Holy Spirit. The fabric bricks could be decorated in any manner but had to include the signature of the maker. We received a wonderful collection of embroidered, painted, padded, beaded and appliqued bricks which miraculously blended well together.
The bricks were machined together and a frame and border added. The quilt ws then layered up and machine ditch quilted between the blocks and round the frame. A cable design was then hand quilted around the border.

The Quilt was presented to Caroline at her Farewell Service last Friday and she was delighted to receive it.

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  1. What a lovely idea, and what a lovely thing to have to remind her of her time in France. Hugs xx

  2. A very successful project I was delighted to share. Many thanks for posting, Lin.

  3. Wow, how precious that is and it will be sure to be cherished for years to come! What a great idea as a remembrance.
    Hello from Idaho,

  4. The signature quilt is so beautiful and nice remembrance. Caroline is a lucky girl!!!!
    I do like your book and the Selman Quilt is very pretty.

  5. How nice!!! Both quilts are wonderful and I love the book too!

  6. What fabulous quilts and I love the book that you made. How wonderful for them both to keep :)

  7. The Biblical Blocks quilt is beautiful, and is the same pattern I've used for my 16-year project!


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