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mercredi 22 mai 2013

Another Mystery - solved!

Clues 5 and 6 are now finished and I have my quilt top complete.

Fortunately it has been dry today so I was able to spread this outside to photograph - it is quite a large quilt.

The photographs do not really do the colours justice but I am mostly pleased with my choices and I do like the design.

The outer border was a close run thing though!

Putting this away now for quilting next winter - lots of other projects to complete and lots of new ones in my head!

Thank you for dropping by.

Lin xx

8 commentaires:

Jackie Kirner a dit…

Delightful result on your mystery quilt. (Love your canvaswork desktop background too!!)

Sarah Jane a dit…

That's lovely, Lin. I do like your choice of colours and it is such an interesting design.

Accroquilt a dit…

Hello Lin! Your quilt top is beautiful!

marina a dit…

well done on your finish, it looks beautiful.
boy you just made it with the border fabric!
well planned..

Anthea a dit…

Ooo, this looks great Lin, well done on solving the Mystery! I am sure you will do a great job of quilting it when the time comes x

Karen a dit…

Very nice Lin, lovely design and colours. Any thoughts for how to quilt?

Judy a dit…

What a neat quilt and I really like the colors! It sounds like a fun way to make a quilt, one mystery block after another.
Enjoy your day,

Paula a dit…

Well done Lin, you got yourself a beautiful quilt top there. Did you have any clue in the beginning what it would look like? It must have been fun.