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Saturday 23 November 2013

Beautiful Postcards in my postbox

I have been waiting excitedly for these to arrive so it was lovely to open the box and find them there.

This one came yesterday

and is a lovely example of crazy patchwork. Lots of different stitches and fabrics in there. The card was made for me by Carli who is my swap partner in the Christmas postcard swap organised by Sheila. Carli's blog has got me interested in doing some crazy patchwork so watch this space next year!

Today I received this lovely card

from my blogging friend Judy whose blog Knit Quilt Spin Weave is full of all the beautiful things that she makes. This card is inspired by the view from her favourite ski run which must be stunning. Intersting how the pale opaque snowflakes show up in rainbow colours in this scan. Beautiful stitching a subtle use of fabrics.

My thanks to Carli and Judy for brightening my days with these treasures. Both completely different and both delightful.

Have a good Dr Who weekend everyone



  1. The postcards are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Beautiful postcards from Carli and Judy . Love them both !

  3. Hi Lin wow those cards are stunning :)

  4. ! : ) Postcards are my favorite thing. EVER! : ) What group do you swap with?

    ~Monika in Canada

  5. Beautiful postcards, both of them. They are fun to make, aren't they???


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