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dimanche 24 novembre 2013

More on the Threadcatcher!

Several people have asked for a tutorial on how to make the Threadcatcher I posted about a couple of days ago.

So I had a rummage around in Google to see if I could find where my inspiration came from and  here is a link to Kathy Beymer's Needling Things where she also has several other Threadcatcher tutorials.


4 commentaires:

Accroquilt a dit…

Oh! Thank you Lin! I didn't ask you how to do that but I really like it and will make one as soon as possible.
I'll show on my blog!

Chris Dodsley @made by ChrissieD a dit…

Thanks for the email about it too Lin :D

Good Earth Quilting a dit…

Thanks LIn!

Paula a dit…

Thank you Lin, it looks so pretty.