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jeudi 21 novembre 2013

A Threadcatcher present for me!

I seem to have been busy making presents for other people for some time now so I though I would allow myself the time this afternoon to make something for me!

I have had this threadcatcher in mind for a little while. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I got the idea from so if it was on your blog then please do let me know so that I can credit you or your source.

Once I had worked out how to cut the correct size equilateral triangle this was a doddle and probably the prototype for a few more presents!
I had a couple of oddments of Egyptian print fabric left over from some placemats I made earlier in the year. I love the fabrics and wanted something for me in them so this was ideal. The turquoise beads are from a mixed bag that I have had for some time.

I hope you are having a good week - it has turned very cold here.


7 commentaires:

Sheila a dit…

Your thread catcher is really sweet . I made one using wool recently and found the pattern on Pinterest . I like the beads you added , makes it very special .

made by ChrissieD a dit…

Lin this is so beautiful and I especially like the added beads - I'd love to know how you made it :D

Anthea a dit…

What a posh thread catcher Lin! I have seen tutorials for that kind of shape, very stylish!

Maria a dit…

That is beautiful Lin! I love that bright blue in the fabric...absolutely stunning!

Judy a dit…

That is really quite cool!! Nicely done, especially with the bright beads that tie in with the fabric.

Susan a dit…

What a lovely thread catcher Lin Love the fabric on the outside :)

Caroline Heinrichs a dit…

Please post a tutorial Lin, I'd love to have one of these?? Please, pretty please. Its so cute!