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Friday, 28 February 2014

Birthday stash for February, spiders, beads and hexies!

First of all I must welcome my two new followers - Annette and Mary Ann. Thank you for joining me.


It's the last day of the month so time to reveal my birthday makes and linking up with Wendy at
 Sugarlane Quilts for this. Thank you Wendy. Although, as we have been away for most of the month I only have one item to show you. It's an Origami Bag.

It's the first one of these that I have made and I shall definitely be making more. I am afraid I did not make a note of whose blog I found this on (sorry if it was you!) but here is the link for the tutorial on how to make it.


My Winter Crazy block now has a spider!

So now the block is finished and I have put it away safely to await the other blocks.

In the process of looking for the two black beads for the body I gave my bead collection a complete re-organisation and discovered that I do have rather a lot!

Now that they are all organised into clear containers at least I shall be able to see what I am looking for.


Yesterday I received an email about a hexagon project for the  International Festival of Extra ordinary Textiles. As I had never heard of this festival I wrote back asking how they had got my email address and got an immediate reply saying from my blog! So maybe some of you will have had the same email? I would be interested to know.
The Festival is to be held in Clermont-Ferrand, France, September 20-28th. The idea is for people to send 7 patch hexie flowers from around the world to be joined together and then quilted at the Festival.
Here is the link to the instructions for the hexies and where to send them. I shall be sending a few.


And finally, we just had a very sudden and heavy hail storm which was over in less than a minute!

I hope you have a great weekend with lots of time to sew.



  1. Hi Lin - the origami bag is very clever - lovely fabric choice there... and well done on such pretty work on your Winter Crazy...

  2. Great origami bag and your crazy block is beautiful , the spider looks quite real . You have a great collection of beads for sure ! Enjoy the weekend sewing .

  3. Hi Lin That origami bag looks interesting. Wow you do have a lot of beads but they look fab all organised like that. Any beads I accumalate I just tip into a jar. The spider is great just finishes the block. :)x

  4. Your little bag looks great, I wonder if the hexie project is open to folk outside France, it would be nice to join in.


  5. The little bag is so elegant - beautiful! The hexie project sounds really nice - what a lovely idea, that people create a little piece of beauty and then it all gets joined up to form larger works of beauty. Do you get to see the finished works that you contribute to? xCathy

  6. I spy a spider and a web, great post!

  7. J'ai reçu moi aussi le même email, j'habite à une heure de Clermont-Ferrand .
    I think you speak french if you live here since 17y ?

  8. Hello Lin, so much to see and read on your blog and I'm enjoying everything. I like how you organize your beads. I was this morning throwing away some small jars - I better go and pick them up again LOL.
    Lovely Origami bag and I also saw somewhere on your blog a thread catcher, which I really liked and will probable make one or two. Your crazy blocks look gorgeous, it is so nice to work with silk.
    Have a nice week.

  9. Your origami bag looks lovely and the stitching, spider and web on your block looks terrific. It's always such a great feeling to have things organized, Hope the hail didn't do too much damage. Very nice post Lin and great pictures too :)


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