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Thursday 2 October 2014

TAST and catching up

First of all the latest two TAST stitches.

Last weeks TAST stitch was 131 Beaded Lock Stitch and I have two versions at the bottom of the picture, aligned and offset.
This weeks TAST stitch is 132 Kikos flower. This pretty stitch can be worked with varying numbers of petals. I have added a stem to it to make it a proper plant.


I made good progress with my mini hexagons while I was in UK and have reached the outer edge. I have started adding hexagons to the outside now to turn over to form the edge.

Since I have been back I have received three lovely postcards.

The first to arrive was this one from Judy

depicting birch trees. The foliage is made using some of Judy's lovely dyed wools and is very textural and tactile.

Then came this card from Fiona

with some of her beautiful quilting inside each flower.

Then finally this scrumptious card from Jeannette 

we agreed to swap cards on the theme of poppies. Jeannette has fused organza onto felt and added poppies, seed stitches and beads.

This is the card I sent to Jeannette

Shibori dyed cotton onto which I made a gold Markal rubbing of a poppy seed head and this was emphasised with hand stitch.


In August Philip found this huge caterpillar in our garden

which he identified as being the caterpillar of the Deaths Head Hawk Moth.

The caterpillar was imprisoned and fed and after about a week turned into a chrysalis.

Then today, this is what we found

a Deaths Head Hawk Moth! Isn't it amazing.

Well, if you have made it to the end of this post, thank you for your perseverance!

Hope you all have a great weekend - we are off to Rome next week for a few days and looking forward to our trip very much.


  1. Wow thats a beast of a cattipillar. OMG Lin I was suposed to do a blog hop post last Monday I am so so sorry I completely forgot. X

  2. Lovely stitching there at the beginning of the post, Lin and I love the variety in those beautiful postcards. My goodness, that would have to be the largest caterpillar I've ever seen...it's enormous!! Lol. The butterfly that hatched is magnificent.

  3. Hello Lin,

    Such a lovely post with all the different stitching, so colourful. I just want to pat the Birch tree.
    I am glad that the caterpillar wasn't on my rose bushes. It must have been so interesting watching it come out.
    Enjoy Rome.

    Happy days.

  4. Gorgeous - exquisite postcards and I am lucky enough to have received one from Judy last week, which I have yet to show on my blog, but I will! The caterpillar/moth are amazing, but I wouldn't want to be too close to either of them I'm afraid! xCathy

  5. Whoh! That is one huge caterpillar... but it turned into quite an arty-looking moth... great pics!

  6. a lovely post full of fun and interest.... love the different postcards and your tiny hexies are looking great... what a monster caterpillar... rather gorgeous...

  7. A great post Lin and I love your pictures. The caterpillar looked incredible. Wow - so neat to come across that in your garden and see what it looked like as a moth too. Enjoy your trip to Rome :)

  8. Gorgeous stitching , both the embroidery and the hexies . Love the three postcards , just lovely . The caterpillar is amazing but not nearly as amazing as the moth that emerged , WOW, thanks for sharing .

  9. Your hexagons are looking bright and cheerful.
    Wow is all I can say about that moth - what a beast!

  10. Seu bordado está muito interessante, os hexafonos cresceram e tem cores lindas.
    Você recebeu lindos cartões e eu gostei muito do cartão que você tingiu e bordou.
    Uau! Esta lagarta é quase um dinossauro! Enorme! Nunca vi uma tão grande! E a mariposa é muito interessante mas eu morro de medo de mariposas... :)))
    Um abraço e bons bordados para você!

    Your embroidery is very interesting, the hexafonos grown and has beautiful colors.
    You received beautiful cards and I enjoyed the card you dyed and embroidered.
    Wow! This track is almost a dinosaur! Huge! I've never seen one so big! And the moth is very interesting but I am terrified of moths ... :)))
    Hugs and good embroidery for you!

  11. Wow!! That is such an awesome transformation from caterpillar to moth! Your postcards are all beautiful. How do you display them? Love your hexie project.

  12. All the postcards are so beautiful but yours is the extra beauty. Wow the Deaths Head hawk Moth is really amazing.
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Rome.


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