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Saturday, 6 December 2014

FNWF for December

The first Friday in December and it is Friday Night with Friends hosted as usual by Cheryl. Thank you Cheryl and welcome to any new visitors to my blog.

Having completed my latest crazy block I was looking around for some hand sewing to do in the evenings and decided that it was time that my Dear Jane saw the light of day again!

I already had some blocks cut out and ready to sew and decided that this one needed to be tackled asap so that I could get on to something a little less complicated!

Fidly this one and I must admit that I had already started it the night before, after I had completed this one


which took no time at all.

It is very chilly here now, winter has definitely arrived!

I hope you are having a good weekend.


  1. Lovely to sew with others isn't it... I love those beautiful rich colours you are using...

  2. I forgot to sign up this time around . Lovely blocks you have made .

  3. Lovely blocks Lin. So glad that you could join us. Stay nice and warm x

  4. Amazing blocks in stunning fabrics....

  5. Hi Lin I started a farmers Wife quilt a couple of years ago I think I only made about ten blocks out of the 1oo odd blocks. yep there hidden away to. good luck with your dear Jane xxx

  6. I love the colours of your block :-)

  7. Lovely choice of colours for your Dear Jane.

  8. beautiful work there Lin, for your FNwF...
    I hope you enjoy your winter - summer has just started here, not looking forward to it

  9. Nice rich colours Lin, did you say you are doing these blocks with hand stitching?

  10. Gorgeous colour combinations and beautiful looking blocks!


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