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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

FNSI - better late than never!

Once again Wendy hosted us for our  Friday Night Sew In. Go to Wendy's blog here and follow the links to see what everyone else got up to.

A few months ago Maria very kindly sent me a skein of delightful Cottage Garden thread.

The colours are so gorgeous and I wanted to save it for the right project to come along.

Last week Jenny released her new stitchery club designs for the month and included was a delightful little stitchery using her new alphabet and I knew that this was THE project. So out came the thread and here is how I got along on Friday.

I love the little details in this stitchery - the ladybirds and the flowers and the thread is working out beautifully.

I have now finished stitching and here it is.

So thank you to Maria and to Jenny. I plan to surround this with patchwork to make another little mini quilt to go on my hanger.

Hope everyone else had a good evenings stitching.


  1. Wow Lin you do such a gorgeous stitchery. This is perfect for little mini quilt. Do you use linen or cotton? The thread is so beautiful. Friday night well shielded.

  2. that is really cute and done with just the one thread. I haven't tried stitching with variegated, but after seeing how lovely it can look, now I want to give it a try.

  3. What a beautiful thread! You found a very nice stitchery to use it for, it looks lovely :-)

  4. lovely colours in that thread and you did up a lovely stitchery...

  5. very sweet stitchery, it will make a lovely new mini for you.

  6. Beautiful stitchery and the special threads you used really set it off nicely :-)

  7. Very Pretty...I like the variegated thread.
    Mama Bear

  8. I can see why you waited for just the right project to use that lovely thread. Nice stitching and that looks like a fun pattern that will make a great mini quilt!

  9. Oh, Lin, it looks so beautiful in the cottage garden thread. I am still trying to decide if I use white material or try find some gingham like Jenny used. I want to draw it out tomorrow and start stitching tomorrow night.

  10. Hi Lin Wow love the thread. Lovely little project. X:)

  11. That is so cute, such lovely stitching. I am looking forward to seeing it as part of a patchwork. Sharon x


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