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Monday, 6 April 2015

Bank Holiday Boot Sale Haul

We do have car boot sales in France but the prices are usually high compared to the UK. We went to one on the edge of Taunton this morning and I came home with a lovely bag of treasure!

The linen sheet is a real bargain as it had been reduced to £5! It is lovely fine, soft linen which will be perfect for embroidered motifs. The doilies and tray cloth were just 50p each as were the earrings which will be perfect for a piece of crazy patch. The little glass posy vase was only 20p! and it is perfect and very sparkly clean. I have a collection of these little vases but this is the first one I have seen that is oval. The marbles will look lovely in the bottom of some of my vases. All together I spent just £9 and enjoyed having a jolly good rummage.

Philip's purchases included this lovely copper kettle to add to our growing collection.

Again, for just £9. It stands about 12" high.

It is a beautiful sunny day here - I hope you have all had a good Easter Monday.


  1. We have yard and garage sales here and the season will be starting very soon.

  2. I assume a boot sale is like a yard sale here , very nice finds for sure Lucky you !

  3. what great finds at bargain prices.
    love that copper kettle.

  4. You certainly did find some lovely treasures, Lin. The copper kettle is magnificent too!

  5. Hello Lin,

    Ooh lots of lovely items found, isn't it fun getting something for such a great price. The kettle looks to be in a great condition. Have fun with that linen.

    Happy days.

  6. Great finds! I remember visiting England years ago and going to a couple of car boot sales - brilliant fun!

  7. Great shopping finds.... and bonus at that price!

  8. Well done for getting such lovely bargains. I've not been to a car boot for years, perhaps I should if that's the sort of stuff I'd find :)

  9. Hi, I have just come over from a link on UK city crafter's blog. It's great to see someone else who loves a second hand bargain, what great finds!! Sharon x

  10. What a nice lot of goodies! We never have really good stuff at sales here (usually yard sales, never in the boot of a car). The European, or non-native, history of the Yukon is just a short 110 years long and for the first while almost everything that came here was carried on someone's back. Even now transport to and from here is expensive. So lovely old linens and copper kettles are mostly cherished by those who happen to own some. I do have one copper kettle and some linens tatted pieces that were made by my husband's grandmother. Lucky me.

  11. Don't you just love finds like that? A linen sheet, what a find. I was just thinking the other day of going to a thrift store to see if I could find a couple of linen shirts to use for embroidery.


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