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lundi 17 août 2015

Back on line and catching up

Isn't it horrid when you have no internet connection? We were offline most of the time for just over a week and with no telephone so I was feeling very cut off. Occasionally we had a brief connection and were able to download emails but that was even more frustrating as all I got was little snippets of blogs, needing to go online to read the rest. However, touching wood and crossing fingers all has now been well for a couple of days and so it is time to do some catching up.

First of all I have not shown you my July swap ATC's.

Here is the beautiful organza rose that I received from Kate

And this is my flower themed ATC that I sent to Julie

It was also my TAST fly stitch sample

Here is my pink BOM for August

called 'Hill and Valley'.

There has been a lot of secret stitching going on so no pictures but when not doing that I have been working on my August crazy block which now looks like this.

Taking my time for the last couple of days has been a small visitor and her parents. Here she is at a local funfair yesterday - always happy to pose for a photo!!

So that's all for now - lots of blog reading to catch up on so see you soon.

11 commentaires:

Anthea a dit…

Hi Lin, oh no, the dreaded issue of no internet! I hate that & yes it sure does feel strange to not be able to get online whenever you like...
I love the the quilt block - all your points meet up so perfectly!
Enjoy your blog catch-up

Susan a dit…

Hi Lin welcome back to internet land. Enjoy catching up. I love the ATC simple gorgeous. Your little visitor looks like she is having fun. X:)

Jeito Mineiro Bordados a dit…

Without Internet? Horrible!
I love these cards and their work. They are all beautiful!

Sharon - creativity and family a dit…

Good to have you back :-) We get so used to technology that we are soon lost without it! I love your flower atc's. x

JennyPennyPoppy a dit…

Glad to hear you're connected again. Great looking atc's Lin and your pink BOM is just lovely :)

marina a dit…

glad you are back on the net...
Kate's card is wonderful as is yours.
well done on your latest block, such pretty rose fabric.
Gorgeous red crazy block..

Rosa a dit…

Wow,great projects and once again your crazy quilt block caught my eye,so brilliant.Could you put a pic with all together?Thanks.

Your little one is adorable.
Have a fun week.

KaHolly a dit…

We've been having internet connection problems, too, and it's a real pain! Glad you're back on line. Love your projects, esp. Your crazy quilt block. What a stunner! What a sweet little visitor! She looks so much like my sister did at that age. XO

Bev C a dit…

Hello Lin,

I can handle no internet it is the worry of having no phone that bugs me. Glad to see things are alright now. Love the small embroidery pieces, both are stunning pieces. Love the crazy patchwork too. How lucky to have a small visitor, she does look so happy.

Happy days.
Bev C

Fiona a dit…

I feel so lost if the internet is down for some reason... use it for everything these days (well almost!)... lovely little ATC art work and your red crazy patch is looking great.

Anonyme a dit…

I enjoyed examining your stitching - you have some beautiful seams!