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Saturday, 7 November 2015

November FNwF

Thanks to Cheryll for hosting us again this month. Follow the link to see what everyone got up to last night.

We are still having an exceptionally mild autumn here - it is 25 degrees outside as I write this! We did have some rain Thursday night/Friday morning so I got out to the garden early yesterday to rake up some of the damp leaves. It's a job I enjoy doing - lots of thinking time! Also it is satisfying to see a nice tidy garden and to see a large compost bin full of leaves which will rot down nicely to spread on the garden next year.

I love looking at the leaves on the ground - lots of lovely colours and patterns just waiting to be stitched!

I especially like raking up the walnut leaves as they have such a gorgeous smell - there are usually a few walnuts lurking under the leaves too, to add to my collection. Walnuts are a cash crop here in our part of the Dordogne and it's highly illegal to nip onto anyones land and help yourself! On Mondays in November at our local market you can see people with their sacks of washed and dried nuts delivering them to the lorries that take them away for processing.

And now, what did I get up to sewing wise - well, I put together my November CQJP block ready to start embellishing.

Black and yellow this time although I am sadly short of yellow fabrics! I did pick up a nice piece of spotted, crumpled black and yellow silk at the K&S last month which I intend to add to the surface. I also stocked up on some yellow threads which I  seemed to be lacking as well. I have just been sorting through my buttons and beads and ribbons for yellows - same story. Still, I think I will have enough.
I finished a sock on Thursday evening so yesterday evening I made a start on it's mate while we watched a film on TV.

A very satisfying day - I hope yours was too.


  1. I love the look of the yellow and black together in the block. It makes me think of the old Victorian blocks.

  2. What fantastic coloured leaves - they look wonderful!

  3. I look forward to seeing more of your black and yellow; great combination.

  4. Your cq block looks great. I am low on yellows too.

  5. lots of colours & shapes in the close-up leaf pics Lin, must be interesting inspiration for you... the black & yellow colours look a bit theatrical, can't wait to see your embellishments!

  6. great compost in the making and its always fun to see the wonderful colours there.... pretty sewing too...

  7. Love all the leaves..nice to see some colour still there. The black and yellow looks great together...nice sock too!!

  8. There's something quite satisfying about raking up leaves and then turning them into compost! I bet it's quite nice to have a walnut tree to have your own nuts to cook with. Nice projects all around and your sock is turning out quite well. I love handknit socks :-)


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