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Tuesday 27 September 2016

EPP Tuesday update

Many thanks to Anthea for hosting us again - do pop over to Hibiscus Stitches to see what everyone has been up to and to admire the beautiful centre panels that Anthea has put together.

I have three Morris Hexathon blocks to share with you this week.

#19 Woodford Green

#20 Walthamstow

#21 Queen Square

Only five more blocks to go!!

We went to a vide grenier on Sunday morning and I managed to pick up some bargains and some curiosities.

First of all the bargains included a box of delicious beads, four embroidery hoops and this delightful pewter pincushion.

I am going to replace the pincushion bit as they use a nasty rubbery stuff for the insert. He will look lovely with a new puffy velvet back.

Next the curiosities. This 2.5" leather pouch caught my eye as I love the squirrel design.

Inside, this is what I found - a stocking repair kit!

There are four different shades of thread and a pack of three needles. One of the needles has been used as there is a little piece of thread in the eye but they are all now rusty.

Abel Morrall stopped making needles in 1984 when the company was taken over, however these are definitely from a much earlier time.

This little packet intrigued me.

These little match like things are used to stop runs in stockings!

Fortunately the instructions are on the reverse.

There are five tiny emery boards tucked in behind the Stopit sticks.

I spotted this little sewing bag on the same stall.

Embroidered mainly with wools on a linen background with a silk lining it is not the prettiest item I have ever bought but someone spent a lot of time putting this together and I couldn't allow it to languish unloved on the stall any longer.

Autumn is around the corner - the mornings are much cooler now but we are still having hot days and there has been no more rain.

I hope you have a productive week.


  1. Great blocks and curiosities. I have never seen a stocking repair kit. How interesting!

  2. Your Hexies blocks are so beautiful. Can't wait to see these projects come together. What treasures you have found. Love all of them especially the little owl. Adorable! The stocking fixer must be worth a lot for a collector. I bet it was made before the 50s. Enjoy the goodies. ;^)

  3. What exciting things you have to show us. I love all your "curiosities." That pincushion is SO cute, fabulous actually. Love the little repair kit and needle case. Your hexagons are coming along nicely, so pretty.

  4. Your hexies are lovely. What fabulous finds. That stocking repair kit is really something.

  5. Nice blocks! You do such lovely handwork. I never find treasures like that!

  6. What fun those little matches -Stopit - are! Love the bright hexi best- it shouts Spring to me - which is our season here at the moment. Would love to see the pincushion again when you have treated Mr Owl to some velvet.

  7. Lovely stitching. I,love your special buys....that owl is just delightful x

  8. You never know what you'll find at a vide grenier!

  9. Wow they are wonderful finds there Lin... and of course fab progress on your Morris blocks!

  10. Hello Lin,

    Great progress on your blocks and only a few more to do. How lucky to find that stocking repair kit almost in pristine condition. Thank you for rescuing that needlework.

    Happy days.

  11. Your blocks looks great as always, I do like your colors. I'm now 2 behind. When I see yours I like to continue. You motivate me.
    Thank you for showing us this lovely treasures you found.
    Happy sewing.

  12. Your blocks are lovely, and I adore your finds - that owl is amazing!!!

  13. your blocks are lovely especially #21. I like your colour selections to show off the design.

    Thanks for linking with Needlework Tuesday.

  14. Such fascinating things you found in the stalls! I like the little embroidered bit, even if it isn't the most beautiful. I'm glad you bought it. Your Hexathon blocks are great! I like each one of them. Of course, you are still FAR ahead of me! =)

  15. Beautiful and unique hexies and your little treasures are just that treasures!


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