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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Catching up

So here we are having gone past the middle of January already and I have lots to catch up on. I now have a new computer and am trying to find all the lovely things I used to find so easily and trying to find passwords for some of the sites I use.

So the first thing I need to tell you about is the wonderful giveaway that I won back at the end of November.

I have been following Christina Erickson on Instagram for a little while now - she does the most amazing embroidery - so when this popped up on her feed I entered.

And, lucky me, I won! Now, Christina lives in Washington and I live in France. But during the course of our email conversations it turned out that not only were we both going to be in UK at the same time but actually going to the same exhibition on the same day! How much of a co-incidence is that. So we arranged to meet outside the V&A and Christina handed over the package which was this beautifully framed piece of embroidery.

The embroidery is aprox  8" x 3.5" and covered in beautiful stitch. Many thanks Christina

it was good to meet you and your Mum and the chocolates were delicious!

The exhibition we had gone to see at the V&A was Opus Anglicanum and what a treat that was.

Do click on the link and scroll down the page - there is a video of how some of the embroidery was worked which is fascinating.

And now a finish for 2017 - four of my CQJP2015 blocks framed, bound, labelled and with a hanging tube.

All I had to do was complete the black feather stitch around the sashing but for some reason perle thread is not available in my neck of the woods so I had to wait for my Christmas trip to UK to buy some more.
The quality of my pics is not good - I think the black sashing must affect things.

So just a reminder of my original four blocks before framing.

So that's it for now - but lots more to show you so I will be back soon!


  1. Funny how coincidence works. That one is really cool though, across the sea and everything. Neat!! I love your little framed Masterpiece embroidery. I sooooo love it. You sure have the eye for knowing what to put where and how much to put down. Underneath the black flower in the red piece, I love the red "leaf" on one side and the black one on the other side with all the white "stems" and sequins as flower heads. So adorable! All of them! I can even not say I prefer the blue or the orange (as they are my favourite colours) because they are all so magical. The dragonfly, the spiders, the ribbons flowers in the blue piece, the tiny little white flowers next to the gorgeous black flower in the silver piece with its black and silver ribbon running through it, is that a piece of scarf on the orange piece? Everything is GOOOORRRRGEEEOUS and I just can't stop looking. Amazing work Lin. Congrats!! ;^)

  2. What a coincidence and what a beautiful piece of work to win. Your CQ blocks are so beautiful and I love the wall hanging you have created.

    I like your header picture. Looks like a cold day though.

  3. You were obviously meant to be the winner with that kind of coincidence! Those blocks are to die for Lin, your work is so stunning ..... a little bit of AUssie flavour with the redback spider showing up ....... and very clever dragonfly! Can't say I have a favourite block, which normally I could, but each of these has just the right amount of imagination to keep the eye feasting away! Is it your own design or do you get your ideas and designs from a group! If I could drop in on you I'd be there in a heart beat!

  4. Hi Lin
    beautiful work and stitching choices. What fun to meet up with a new friend, and see the great exhibit. Hope you got lots of threads for later!LeeAnna

  5. Black is a very hard colour to photograph. Love the coloured blocks though - you might find that you can photograph the whole thing outside in the Spring.

    I ws at the Opus Anglicanum exhibition today - it was quite astonishing, wasn't it!

  6. Hello Lin, such a lovely gift from Christine and so nicely framed!
    Your work is incredibly beautiful, I love the insects I can see - perfect :D)

  7. Gorgeous CQ! I had seen your blocks on a previous post, but your finish is fantastic!

  8. What a lovely catch up and that exhibition looks very interesting!
    Love crazy patchwork hanging. Such amazing detail it looks fabulous.
    Great idea with the task journal might have to consider that...

  9. Well done winning such a beautiful gift! How nice to be able to meet the stitcher too.

  10. Forgot to mention - your blocks are stunning!

  11. Well that was a coincidence! Glad you were able to meet up and enjoy each others company. Your prize is lovely as is your wall hanging.

  12. Wow,so stunning projects.Congratulations ,It great!

  13. It was so wonderful to get to meet you Lin and I'm happy you're enjoying my artwork in your home! I love the work you're doing- such wonderful studies in the differing effects you can get with color in combination with black. I'll be sure to promote your blog to my followers! Hugs, Christina

  14. that embroidery win is just perfect for you I think... how great to meet up to at that wonderful exhibition.

    Your crazy patch blocks look fantastic - so much work in each of them...

  15. Beautiful blocks Lin, so much pretty detail in each. Beautiful gift from Christina and an amazing coincidence to be able to meet her so many miles from your own homes.

  16. I do love those beautiful, colourful blocks. Really must try to make one myself. Really must try to get to the V&A exhibition too. Could I make the block on the train on the way there or do I need a sewing machine?


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