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Wednesday 1 November 2017

EPP Tuesday

Linking up with  Anthea once again for Piece Yourself Together. Thank you Anthea.

I have been working on my Hexathon and the two pieced borders are almost complete.

Not easy to photograph - I had to wait for the grass to dry by which time the sun was in the wrong direction! I need to finish the ends off with some plain hexagons and then think about attaching them to rest of the top.

As you will have seen from my last post here I have completed my RSC project and started a new one by cutting out some diamonds to make tumbling blocks. My pink tumblers are now complete and have been put away awaiting my next colour.

No idea yet how I will be putting them together or what I shall make, but there is plenty of time for that!

Beautiful weather here at the moment with cold nights and bright sunny days. The cranes have finally started to fly south - a sure sign of cold weather further north. Here are some that were thermalling (spiralling to gain height) above our house yesterday.

Toussaint here today so a public holiday (Nov 1st) - the roads are quiet and the two building sites nearby are also silent. Beautiful. Enjoy your day.


  1. Love those red leaves on your header!
    Great progress on your hexathon! Your tumbling blocks look very pretty ..... oooh, wondering what colour is next!
    Lovely photo of the migration!
    We are starting to see more goldfinches and chaffinches, and even seeing a woodpecker at our feeders more often as the weather is getting colder. And only today a ring-necked parakeet was eating sunflower seeds (from one of the plants) just outside our kitchen window. I don’t like parakeet’s, but they have to eat like all the other birds, don’t they!
    Barbara x

  2. Hi Lin,lovely work my friend and love the pic of the birds xx

  3. Lovely to have a nice quiet day...!

  4. A lovely post with different things... The hexagon quilt is coming together so well - and I love what you are doing with it...

  5. Happy to see Hexathon again. It's coming along beautifully. A new project is always fun, especially when the projects is leading. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Great epp ideas. Well done. The birds are so interesting.

  7. Your tumbling blocks are soooo pretty. Love your hexie project. So unique and I mean that in a complimentary way.

  8. Hi Lin Oooo I like pink so I am loving the tumble blocks. It is getting colder here but thank fully no rain at the min. There was even a bit of frost on the ground a couple of days ago winter is fast aproaching. X:)

  9. Hmmm...agree..I like the pink too. Lovely photos!

  10. Your pink tumbling blocks are fabulous. I do love that 3D effect they immediately make!
    How beautiful to see the cranes spiralling. Wonderful photo Lin :D) xx

  11. Wow! Love all,your epp. It is nice to have quiet time. Love the cranes overhead x

  12. The hexathon is looking great, despite a misbehaving sun! I love your tumbling blocks - they are something I'd love to try one day x


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