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Thursday, 12 July 2018

FNWF's - a very late July report!

Late afternoon last Wednesday (4th) a terrific storm came up our valley bringing with it very strong winds, hail plus some much needed rain. Here it is coming towards us.

The storm passed, we had a few blips of the power but for no length of time and when we went to bed later that night all was well. However, next morning, no internet and we have been without it until today (Thursday12th). First of all we were told it would be back the same day, then it would be back by 6pm Monday and then that it would be back by 6pm Friday. So at least it is a day earlier than the last prediction. You can imagine how many messages and blog posts are queued up waiting to be read!

Anyway, back to Friday. Before the internet went down I had watched a DMTV video entitled 'Stencilled Iris' which involved stencilling onto fabric with Markal (Shiva) paintsticks through freezer paper. It looked like a great technique so I decided that would be my project for the afternoon. I have a print block of an Imperial Pink flower that I made some years ago and knew that would make a perfect stencil. So I traced the design onto freezer paper and cut it out carefully so that I had both the negative and positive images intact. I used a small square of fabric to trial my design with the flower shape and ironed on the freezer paper shape.

I then used a gold paintstick on the freezer paper

and pulled the colour with my finger onto the fabric

The freezer paper lifts off easily to leave the negative of the flower shape

Magic! I love it. You can reuse the freezer paper shape as many times as you like until it runs out of stick (protect your iron with some non stick parchment!) I added an Antique White flower to my gold one.

I remembered that I had used the print block of this flower in my hand made sketchbook so decided to add a stencil to the book using a turquoise paintstick. I have also glued the used stencil onto another page in the book and they are both now waiting to be worked into.

On a larger piece of fabric I tried out my other freezer paper shape, again using gold.
And then that was it for my afternoon. Since then I decided that the larger piece of fabric would be enough to make a book wrap for my handmade sketchbook and so I continued stencilling onto it. It is now layered up and ready to embellish with stitch.
I have worked one each of the stencils into my current journal and played around with a gold pen.
I was able to find my original sketchbook pages which included photographs of the pinks which was very useful.
I must get some more seeds for these and grow them next year as they were such lively flowers - I nicknamed them 'dancing pinks' at the time.
I am off to catch up on some more emails and blog posts - more news from here over the weekend I hope.


  1. Very pretty! Looks like you had a fun time!

  2. Very nice results! Sorry about your internet being down, that’s rather annoying, isn’t it?

  3. Well, I'm glad the interruption is over. We've all got so used to electricity and the internet, haven't we!

    I do like your stencilling - it looks good, and it looks like fun!

  4. Wow! Lin, this is so very, very pretty! I am also so very impressed with your cleverness.

  5. Your stencilled fabric looks lovely! It should make a very pretty book cover.
    How annoying to be without the internet ..... we are all so used to being able to use it whenever we want, it’s such a nuisance when it’s not there! Glad you have it back now.
    Barbara xx

  6. Love your stencilled fabric. So pretty. Hugs,xx

  7. the list of blogs piles up when you can't get to them for a few days.... love your stencilling - you do find interesting things to do with fabric...


  8. Such a pretty and clever technique, Lin. I can think of a lot of applications for this. The stencilled Iris looks perfect for your dyed fabric. Love the photo of the storm finding it's way up your hillside.

  9. Hi Lin wow your work is amazing i love this idea ,your journal pages are beautiful as is your fabric,beautiful work my friend ,well done xx

  10. Wow! What fun. I love my quilting but I love to experiment with other things as well. I am off tonight to quilting with my friend but we will also be trying to make some beeswax wraps - using some pretty fat quarters. Will see if Baa will put it on his blog for you to see.

  11. Looks like you had much fun with the stencil. Your sketchbook looks wonderful too.

  12. What a neat technique and great in your sketchbook as well. The fabric turned out lovely. Glad you are back on the air waves once again. Great photo of that dark and stormy sky x

  13. That looks like fun, and it's so pretty!!!

  14. Interesting experiment and a great result!
    Good to have the internet back, I can imagine. We could do with some rain here, there seems to be little rumble of thunder as I am writing this, see if anything comes of it.

  15. Looks amazing and lots of fun.

  16. Such a great project. Sorry you have had power and internet problems but it seems to be a universal problem.

  17. What fun you had!! And fabulous results too :-) Amazing how reliant we are on the internet - not to mention the power - isn't it?!

  18. Great picture of the storm - I hope it doesn't take you too long to work your way through your emails! I love this stenciling technique - it is beautiful x

  19. The stenciling looks fabulous!


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