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dimanche 19 mai 2019

Another week...

...has raced by and Sunday has come round again already. The blue tits are still busy feeding their young and the squeaking from the box is getting louder!

With four days of rain forecast this weekend I rushed round the garden on Thursday afternoon cutting sprays of elderflower to make cordial with.

I love these flowers so much - not only do they smell divine but they look so delicate and beautiful, like antique lace. However, they were soon trimmed and popped into a basin with sugar and other good things and left to marinate for two days.

Yesterday I was able to strain it all off and ended up with this bottle of gorgeousness. All we need now is some sunny weather to be able to sit out and enjoy a glass!
However, it is cold and damp - hence the slow cooker is out and a couple of duck legs are slowly simmering away with some lentils for a nice, warming dinner this evening.

I have been busily quilting away on the border of my mystery quilt and have now completed three sides - not far to go now. I have also been making up the Liberty Zip Pouch that I was given as a gift at Christmas. Whilst I like the design and am happy with my finished pouch I did have a few issues with the instructions!

Amongst other things a lace zip was supplied but only instructions for inserting a hidden zip. I have not used a lace zip before so went straight to Google for instructions and although my zip looks much better than I had first thought it would, I am sure it could have been better. Does anyone out there know of a good tutorial please?

It is a while since I did any raw edge applique and free machine embroidery so I very much enjoyed working on this part of the pouch - for which there were very good instructions. But didn't it take an age to cut out the flowers!

Meanwhile I am spring cleaning our sitting room and I still have about a third to do. With coffee guests coming tomorrow and more rain forecast I think I had better get a move on and finish!
Have a great week.

15 commentaires:

Kate a dit…

I like your little pouch.
If I were putting in a lace edge zipper, I would sew both exterior pieces to the lining pieces. Leave the side seams open for now. Press the top seam nice and flat. Marc the side seam lines on the outside pieces. Use washaway tape or glue to hold the zipper in place on top. Top stitch the zipper in place starting and stopping at the seam lines. Now open the pieces out and open the zipper about 3/4 of the way. Finish the pouch.
I am not saying this is the correct way, just the way I would for it.

Annie a dit…

Wow, what an interesting process from flowers to something to drink! And it does turn out a very pretty color. I’d have a hard time with wanting the pretty drink and wanting the pretty bottle to stay full with the pretty color. LOL

The pouch is a sweet one! You’ve done a beautiful job fussy cutting and stitching the appliqués in place. An adorable design. I feel your joyful pain in cutting out those flowers. But well worth it.

Radka a dit…

I love your pouch! Before I finished reading, I thought the flowers were painted on! You have done such a nice job.
I look forward to my elderberry drink, our daughter makes it and so we benefit too ;-), but it is little early here.

marina a dit…

Lovely pouch! The applique flowers look so pretty.
The elder flowers are very pretty too.

kiwikid a dit…

The elder flowers are so pretty, hope you get some sunny days to enjoy the cordial. Your zipper pouch is beautiful, love the flowers, can't help with the zipper sorry.

Ondrea a dit…

I love your pouch. Well worth the effort. Mmmm elderflower cordial sounds yum. I always wanted to make elderberry wine. Enjoy coffee tomorrow.

Rachel a dit…

Elderflower is one of the delights of summer, isn't it!

Michelle Ridgway a dit…

I love the pouch. I have an unreasonable fear of zips so well done to you! It was very nice to see Elderflowers as I have never seen them before and they are so delicate and beautiful. Dinner sounds warming and delicious xx

Fiona a dit…

the elderberry flowers do look like lace … so pretty, and the cordial sounds delicious. Do you need heaps of flowers for it?
The pouch is lovely, I am not good at zips at all. I love the effect of the raw edge applique and scribbling …

FlashinScissors a dit…

I love elderflowers! They are so light and delicate ..... and don’t they have a gorgeous scent! But it’s too early here, I think!
I thought the pattern was printed at first! I would probably have made the pouch up without, and then hand stitched the zip to the top of the pouch, but I’ve just seen a nice video showing how to machine one.
You finished the pouch beautifully Lin!
Barbara xx

Kim a dit…

Those elderflowers are pretty aren't they. How fun to make cordial out of them. Gorgeous pouch, Lin. Those flowers you stitched look fabulous.

Maria a dit…

Nice bottle of elderflowers cordial, enjoy!
Lovely pouch and I don't like to do zips either...

Judy a dit…

I'm so glad that you identified the flowers, as that was going to be my first question when I saw your new header photo. So delicate looking, they do look like lace. I love your bag with the unique flowers and stitching. This is a different style for you-did you like making it?
Have a great week,

White Rose a dit…

Hi Lin wow your bag is beautiful,i love the flowers on it.
Your drink sounds interesting,i have never tried elderflower cordial before,the flowers are very pretty xx

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana a dit…

That bird box is so beautiful...I would like to live in a house like that! Meanwhile, your pouch is gorgeous; I'm in awe of folks making useful things like this.
I have seen others talk about making elderberry cordial...sounds divine!