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Saturday 22 June 2019

FNSI and a catch up

Lovely to join in with Wendy and friends for another stitchy Friday - thank you Wendy for inviting us round.

So, the summer solstice and longest day and not a drop of sunshine in sight! In fact it rained all day until early evening. However, we are promised a canicule - that's a heatwave - next week, so once again our temperatures will be going from one extreme to another

I spent an hour early afternoon working on some secret stitching! Then we had to go out - Philip gave a talk to our History society which was followed by a fish and chip supper. I sat next to a French lady who loves English fish and chips!

So by the time we got home I was ready to relax with some soothing hexie sewing while Philip caught up with the football. I have been working on the next round of my 1797 and had hoped to complete it last night but this is where I got to when bed called.

So this afternoon while catching up with the Archers I added the last two hexies.

I think I am going for green for the next round so I shall have to see what I have in my stash.


Last autumn we went to a house sale and I managed to collect a small haul of goodies.

The little cloth is embroidered in all four corners and was in pristine condition. Its perfect for a small occasional table in my sitting room. I love rummaging in button boxes and I found a few interesting buttons in this lady's. The clog pin cushion and thimble holder was filthy! And the pincushion bit really mankie. I quickly ripped out the pincushion and gave the clog a really good scrub - and it has sat on my desk ever since! So this week when I gave the desk one of it's rare cleans I decided that actually it really would not take very long to add a new pincushion and that I had better get on with it! I have some fabrics that came from Holland many years ago and so I used a scrap of one of them, stuffed with batting snippets, to make a nice firm ball which was then glued into place. Here is my finished pincushion. And it really took no time at all!

It is going on the dresser with all my other antique sewing tools.

I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would spend more time painting and sketching. Apart from when we were in Spain when I worked in a little travel sketchbook most days, I have hardly done any. So over a couple of short sessions this week I decided to have a go at a simplified drawing of one of my fuchsias. It is just a simple outline coloured in with aquarelle crayons but I am pleased with it.

It's large - A5 - so I am thinking it would make a nice applique design with a few leaves added. Something else for the to do list!

Have a great weekend.


  1. That's a lovely little aquarelle!

    I've been spared the football, but we do have the cricket...

  2. I love your hexies and in your first picture..they look like Mother of Pearl! Beautiful. I have a hexie project that I have been working on but I didn't show it. Actually, I haven't been working on it but need to. Yours is so lovely. Do you have place for it?
    I love the treasures you found and the clog looks brand new and the fabric is perfect for it especially since it is from Holland...how fitting.
    You are quite the artiste! I could not draw that well but I enjoy all things creative. That's my problem....I go down too many rabbit holes and thus do not 'finish' things like I should. Hopefully, this group will 'shame' me into finishing items I start! LOL!

  3. you do have a talent for all sorts of things.... love how the little dutch clog turned out... looks lovely and unusual. the hexies are looking great - such effective fabrics. Beautiful fushchia drawing too...

  4. Loving your hexies, the fabrics are great.the little clog is super cute, the new pincushion looks wonderful. You are a talented lady, your fuschia painting is beautiful. Hope the weather settles for you.

  5. Your hexies are growing nicely. Pretty colours.

  6. Love your hexies the dyed fabric looks like mother of pearl, so pretty.
    Lovely drawing, applique would be stunning too

  7. Your 1797 Hexie project is growing beautifully.
    You found some lovely treasures and the little clog cleaned up really well.
    The drawing of the fuschia is gorgeous. A very talented lady you Lin.

  8. How gorgeous are those fuchsias in your header Lin - they pop right out.
    Your hexie piece is lovely, the colour choices just perfect.
    The restoration of the clog pin cushion turned out beautifully and it has a new lease of life... I always enjoy the re-using of things and you've added a lovely touch to this one now.

    I am absolutely thrilled to see your most beautiful painting of the fuchsia - the shading and composition is so well done. You're a very talented lady :D) xx

  9. How creative and productive have you been! The clog came up beautifully and I love your hexie project. You are super talented being able to also draw. Well done girl!

  10. Your little clog pincushion and thimble holder is darling. Another pretty for your antique sewing collection. Your hexie project is coming along nicely and how fabulous is your fuchsia artwork. Yes, I can see in my minds eye a pretty applique piece stitched by your clever hands. Love the photo of fuchsias in your banner, too. Yum, fish and chips....I feel like some right now.

  11. 1797 looks great! Beautiful treasures.....the cloth is gorgeous and I love your pretty clog. Your fuchsia is lovely ....Well done! Nothing nicer than playing in your sketchbook xx

  12. The outer rows of hexies look so pearlescent I had to double check it was actually fabric. Love the sketch of the fuschia.

  13. I am full of envy of your painting, I can't draw to save my life, LOL.
    Well done on your hexies, I find them so relaxing, don't you?

  14. Your hexie project is wonderful! Your house sale fines are treasures. You did a great job refurbishing the little shoe.

  15. I had one of those little Dutch clogs with a pin cushion. It was a gift from a neighbour when I was about twelve. I don't know what happened to it but it doesn't seem to be in my sewing things now.
    I admire your patience in doing the hexies.

  16. I loved the fuchsias in your blog header - and now you can draw them too - lovely - one of my favourite flowers....they do not grow well where I live now.
    You remade clog is super cute.

  17. I LoVe the "clog"...such a cutie...
    And your hexies are growing nicely too... x0x

  18. What a lovely variety of things to keep you occupied! The clog has come up a reall treat!!

  19. Love your fushias-both live and by your hand.

  20. Beautiful painted fuschias, Lin. Absolutely gorgeous and so life-like. Your hexie project is really coming along and that Dutch shoe sewing accessory is adorable. Love how you gave it more life. Thanks for sharing!

  21. A lady with many talents you are Lin! Love those elongated hexies….yes they do look like Mother of Pearl,I agree. the clog was a great little upcycle project - I probably would have walked past it and many would have thrown it out....you've done it a huge justice...looks amazing. And your fuchsia is just so beautiful! Well done you! xox sugary hugs :o)

  22. I love your new hexie piece that you're working on. I'm always amazed at how patiently you stitch those together! What a great find, to find the antique sewing tools, and your new pincushion adds a nice splash of color. I love digging through old sewing supplies at estate sales, you never really know what you'll discover!

  23. Your talents know no bounds! What a beautiful picture! I was admiring your header when I first reached your blog. Gorgeous! Hanging plants don't do well here because of the wind from the ocean. I'm trying a clematis this year for the first time and hoping it will survive. It's protected from the south (ocean side) by a big hedge of wild roses, but still gets hit from the east and west. I'm very impressed with your hexie project. What a great idea!


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