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Friday 11 October 2019

Catching Up

Earlier this year I started putting together a collection of fabrics that I liked but with no specific purpose in mind. Some of them came from a shop that was closing down, some from my stash and a few just caught my eye elsewhere.

As I say, I had no real plan for these fabrics - I just liked them.

Then the Quilters Guild announced over the summer that they were planning a BOM and when I saw the quilt I knew that this was what my fabrics were for!

The Red Manor House BOM is based on a  quilt in the Guild's collection The Red Manor House Coverlet dated to the mid 1800's. A stunning quilt with so much detail.

To sign up for the BOM this is the link.

The first block was released on October 1st and here is my Red Manor House.

So looking forward to November 1st and the next section.

I have also been working on the Jenny of Elefantz stitchalong 'My Vintage Kitchen'. This is the latest block.

I loved those big chunky creamy beige mixing bowls. Two more blocks to go I think.

There has been some secret stitching with these gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

And after dyeing some more fabric I now have all the hexies basted for the next round of my 1797 Revisited quilt.

Stitching has commenced!

Weatherwise we are experiencing a very late 'Indian Summer'. Today it was 30 degrees on our terrasse and we are expecting higher temperatures over the weekend. However, the rain that we have had over the last few weeks does mean that the garden is coming back to life and looking green again. But, as I found yesterday when I started digging over part of our vegetable garden ready for planting broad beans for next spring, the ground is very dry still.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. How wonderful that your fabrics have already found the project they were looking for!

  2. Oh, please can you send us some of that Indian Summer weather; I am so fed up with all the rain, where is the lovely autumn we were expecting?
    I don't even feel like any sewing, just go to my sewing room, pull out some fabrics...and put them back again...
    That's OK, this is England, we should be used to it :-)
    Enjoy your new BOM, it looks like fun, and you have your fabrics ready; I find that getting the fabrics right is the hardest thing of starting a new project. You get that right, the rest just falls in place.

  3. A lovely quilt to do with your saved fabrics.... I will enjoy watching this one grow and would join in if I didn't have so many already planned projects! I love that green colour you dyed the fabric... hmmm... I wonder what your secret item is... looks like maybe a zip is there...

  4. Great dyed fabric for your EPP, your BOM looks wonderful too Lin. It is amazing how fast the soil days out once the weather heats up. Your stitchery looks lovely, I like the look of your mystery project too.

  5. BOM looks wonderful...and very tempting! I shall look forward to seeing yours grow. Good work on 1797....We are twins lol! We have had much awaited rain overnight.....hope it soaks in! Stay cool xx

  6. I love your new project and the fabrics are perfect. Hexies are one of my favorite things to do, so you know I am interested in your 1797.

  7. Those pretty fabrics of yours are going to look beautiful in that fabulous BOM quilt! Such a gorgeous quilt pattern. You certainly have some lovely projects in the works. Love the Kaffe Fasset fabric pretty and more sweet hexies.

  8. Big sewing plans happening for you! Your collected fabrics and the upcoming BOM look like a perfect fit. All your bits and pieces to other projects look wonderful. I’ve no idea how you choose which to work on and when. LOL. If it doesn’t stop raining here we are going to need a submarine to live underwater! That submarine better be equipped with a large sewing studio!

  9. The fabric you dyed is such a gorgeoys green. Love it! I think you're going to have a lovely BOM quilt since your Red Manor House already looks good. Thank you for sharing

  10. How great that the fabric you had collected was just right for this project!
    I love your red manor house, definitely the right fabric for it!
    Your dyed fabric is gorgeous ..... great progress on your hexies!
    It’s very wet here in England at the moment. DH has been digging cabbages out of the garden and putting them in plant pots, and our soil is very soggy! Still, the local badgers are loving it ..... it’s making it so much easier for them to dig up our garden (sigh)!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    Barbara xx

  11. Wow! It's like you can predict the future or something. Those fabrics do look great together. I went over the Red Manor site to see what it was all about and that's quite a project to tackle. I believe I will pass. I want to get 365 Challenge done and believe I will be done with long term project for a while. I need some quickies, you know I mean? Anywho! Good luck with this new project. I know you can do this ... with an eye closed. ;^)

  12. Hmm love the dyed cloth quilt. Think I'm going to try some EPP. Some sunshine would be nice too!

  13. Have fun playing along.Love your fabric combo!!

  14. Hi Lin you sure have been busy,love your dyed fabrics and your blocks are beautiful,well done my friend xx

  15. Have you done a post in length about dying your own fabric? I’m intrigued.

  16. Gorgeous fabrics for your new project. I look forward to watching it grow. Loving your dyed fabric for 1797 revisited. Hugs,xx

  17. Lovely fabrics and that BOM looks lovely too.

  18. Lots of lovely fabrics and projects; it's great when you can find something perfect for the fabrics in your stash x


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