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Saturday 28 March 2020

Saturday Catchup

Hello everyone - greetings from a warm and sunny St Victor. We have had glorious weather for the last couple of weeks but it looks like it is going to cool down tomorrow. We have been busy in the garden - I have been digging and more digging, the end fortunately is in sight. The birds are singing and the blossom is gorgeous.
We have great tits doing up the nest box outside my window - they have been busy pecking at the opening and taking in beakfuls of moss. One of them has a deformation - can you see the hump on its back?

Makes it really easy to spot when it is feeding.

We also had an asiatic hornet starting to build a nest under our covered terrasse

I am afraid she lost her nest when she went out - a swift knock with a broom handle dealt with that!

Last week I showed you the appliqued blocks for my Red Manor House BOM. I soon had them machined together and added to the central block of the quilt top.

I am really pleased with the look I am getting with these fabrics. The next part of the BOM comes on the 1st so I am looking forward to that.

There have been a lot of stitchalongs starting up in blogland, Instagram and facebook. Some very tempting ones - I am particularly taken by the Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery Quilt. The link will take you to day 9 and if you scroll down you will see the layout so far. Very tempting but I am resisting! However, I was attracted to the TextileArtist.org facebook group community stitch challenge. The idea is that each week a different textile artist will set a handstitch challenge - nothing too arduous but a challenge nonetheless. The first weeks challenge was set by Sue Stone who does amazing portraits. Her challenge was to draw a grid on some fabric and fill each box with a different use of the same stitch. You could choose any stitch but I decided to start off with running stitch and here is my sampler.

This was very relaxing to work on in the evening while watching TV. I have marked up another grid and plan to try something a little less formal.

Finally this week I have been drawing pomegranates. I have some in my fruit bowl that are starting to go over so they have lost that smooth shiny skin and have become a bit lumpy bumpy! I love the colours in them - something to work on another time.

The top one looks like it is pirouetting!

I ventured out to the supermarket yesterday. I notice how strange it is to pass houses with cars parked outside where usually there are none and the roads are so quiet. It was eerily quiet in the supermarket too although it was by no means empty. We are only allowed out one in a car now so there is no one to chat to while shopping and that underlying hum was missing! Plenty of stock in the supermarket - including toilet rolls lol.

Have a good week.


  1. Your stitching sampler is lovely. Repetitive handwork is so meditative. I look forward to seeing more of your sampler.

  2. Beautiful stitching, Lin! And Red Manor House? Simply gorgeous! I love the fabrics you're using. My morning walks with the dog have been different. Some days I don't see a single car or person. Other days I come across other walkers, runners, bikers. Some stop to say hi while others continue on their way. I'm ok either way as long as we keep out distance. Have a good weekend!

  3. Yes, there's going to be a lot of stitching going on!

    We were out on our walk-for-exercise today and and a weather front came through. No stitching in the sun for a few days.

  4. Your Red Manor quilt building is looking fabulous! It will be such a sweet quilt.
    The stitchalong sampler you stitched also looks amazing. How magical a single stitch can look when applied in a variety of ways.
    I hate the thought of going out at all, but food and a variety of other supplies is a must. It is a full time job now just trying to stay safe.

  5. I do like how your stitching sampler is looking... your work is so neat. Lovely drawing too.... so clever getting the shading...

    It is weird at the moment....


  6. Your stitching sampler is lovely Lin. So nice to have the bird box where you can see the birds. Your BOM is wonderful as are your drawings. It is wonderful to see how the online community are all supporting each other, so much to choose from to be involved with. I haven't been to the supermarket for weeks, hubby says it is business as usual here.

  7. I love Red Manor. It's so beautiful! I also love your stitches challenge. Great job! Stay safe and sew on. ;^)

  8. Lovely to see the birds busy building their nests . Pleased the hmp doesn't worry the wee TIT..
    Oh yes that hornets nest would get the broom treatment from me too.
    Lovely BOM and Sampler you are working on and great sketches too.

  9. Only one person in a car whilst driving, wow! Your Red Manor House BOM is looking lovely and the community stitching project is great. How fun to stitch along with a different pattern each time. It sounds as if spring is smiling down upon you. Love the sweet little bird making a nest in your birdhouse.

  10. Your Red Manor is fantastic! I love your running stitch sampler - it looks like Japanese kogin.

  11. Eek hornets!! Hubby has to get rid of the HUGE nest of them on our shed - they were getting inside late last year and that's not good. Outside in the garden sounds like a really lovely place to be, Lin.
    Your stitching and drawing are just amazing. I'm am truly in awe of your talent!

  12. We still cannot buy toilet paper. We are beginning to think of alternatives. I love your Red Manor applique and that stitchery sampler is very interesting.
    Here in mid America where I live the grocery stores still hum. People still roam around thinking the whole virus thing is a hoax but this is changing and like you I am seeing more cars sitting in driveways.

  13. Hello Lin - gosh that Red Manor House block you have made is just stunning - I just adore it! Your drawing is pretty darn amazing too ! I wish I could sketch like that!

  14. I love your block and that sampler is so lovely. I would not have thought of using running stitch that way but it looks fantastic.

  15. Hello Lin.

    Just catching up on blogs. Your crochet rug from a previous post is just so beautiful, so much work. Love the patchwork that you are working on, the blocks together are amazing. The white piece of work in the background, did you do that? Enjoy your drawing. Take care.

    Happy days.

  16. It sounds like you have many projects going that are creative and satisfying! That's a great photo of the bird in your yard. Yay for toilet paper, haha. Who knew that tp would become so scarce?
    Take care,

  17. The sampler looks great, and the hornets nest looks so fascinating! x

  18. Your Red Manor House block looks so lovely :-)
    Not sure I understand the reasoning behind "one in a car", but I am sure there is.

  19. Love your running stitch sampler and your drawings....just lovely.
    I went to a large shopping centre today - most of our shops are shut - but I was doing a click and collect for a new laptop - but where we normally collect a ticket on entry as the parking is only free for 3 hours - no ticket - and oodles of parking spots!
    but we are allowed 2 in a car...as far as I know!!!
    Life is certainly different for us all.
    Stay Safe


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