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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Friday Night with Friends

The first Friday of the month seems to have arrived very quickly! Thank you Cheryll for hosting us again - pop over to Cheryll's blog here to see who took part.

The first Friday was also the 1st of the month which meant Red Manor House BOM day! And this month we are making these flower blocks.

Eight blocks means 80 petals so my Friday was spent cutting out petals and starting to baste. Fortunately I had a charm pack in my stash of Red Manor fabrics so I didnt have to make any decisions about colours etc, I just got on and cut.

And this is where I was at the end of the evening.

Earlier in the week I finished quilting my Super Scrappy quilt - I ditch quilted the blocks and then went diagonally across the blocks.

Couldnt bring myself to quilt across these two windows though!

Now it is waiting for its binding.

Because the first of the month brings several projects - BOM, RSC and swap hexies I decided no to start working on any other projects in the evenigns but instead resurected the jumper I started knitting last summer. No pics but I have almost completed the back so just the front to do - it may be ready for next summer!

During a break in the rain yesterday afternoon we went for a walk around the garden and spotted this Giant Peacock moth on a grass path. It looked at first glance like part of  a large mushroom.

Isnt it gorgeous! Europes largest moth evidently. Philip rescued it from any passing cats and popped it onto our laurel hedge.

These were in our post box this morning.

After lockdown restrictions are eased we shall all be advised to wear masks when we go out and the Mairie (town hall) are distributing masks to everyone in the commune. I had already made us one each but it will be good to have spares as they need to be washed after every use. May 11th is the date for the first easing of restrictions - but only if our department gets a green flag so we shall have to wait until nearer the day to find out.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well - see you all back at Cheryll's again next week.


  1. Hi Lin.....the petal blocks have a bit of a look of a dresden, don't they, except for the overlap....but I am in awe of your super scrappy quilt. I love all the different sample blocks you have included. I think the quilting you chose is perfect and doesn't overshadow all the gorgeous blocks.....

  2. I don't think I would have been able to quilt through the windows either.
    Wow, that moth does look big, so pretty too.

  3. thats a lot of petals to sew and I love the scrappy quilt... I think I would have left out going over the windows too... what a lovely moth.... so huge.... I thought it was lovely they were delivering masks... I dont see many people using them here at all....I know our numbers are low so maybe we are too relaxed about it...

  4. I love those petals Lin & the scrappy quilt is beautiful. I wouldn't have quilted over those windows either. I saw your moth pic on Instagram & thought how stunning it was & wonderful markings.

  5. Oh my gosh! I love those window blocks! So beautiful!! Red Manor flower block is awesome. I'm sure you will have fun making those. Love that giant moth. Take care. ;^)

  6. Great work on your petals Lin. Your scrappy quilt looks wonderful I would have avoided the windows too!! Well done on the moth save, such a beautiful creature. Keep safe in the new restrictions.

  7. Your Super Scrappy quilt is gorgeous. I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to X through the windows. Love the moth too! Hope your quarantine will be lifted some soon. My state (Illinois) is in it until the end of the month at least. Ugh!

  8. I love the petal blocks. They will look so pretty. Great quilting and I would have avoided quilting across those beautiful windows too. Unfortunately we are getting pressure from Federal level to start rolling back the restrictions but we haven't had winter yet( although the last few days have been very wintery) and the virus thrives in the cold. I am really concerned. Keep safe and keep knitting and stitching.

  9. Good to,get the prep work done on your petals. LOVE your super scrappy quilt. That Giant Peacock Moth is beautiful! What a treat to see it. I think easing of restrictions bring a little uneasiness for us all.

  10. Hi Lin wow love the fabric you have chosen to make your petals with this is going to be a wonderful project ,love your quilt,you do such beautiful work Lin,well done .oh boy that moth is amazing Thankyou for sharing it with us,stay safe and take care my friend xx

  11. The petals look lovely and great job with the quilt...
    WOW that is a big moth....

  12. Gorgeous flower shape and tghe scrappy quilt looks like a lot of fun - fingers crossed the restrictions ease up for you!

  13. I like your colourful quilt, wonderful!
    What a beautiful moth, great picture,

  14. Those windows are delightful, and the moth is an absolute stunner!

  15. Love that quilt, the quilting is perfect - I would not have quilted through the windows either. Wow I've never seen such a huge moth, isn't nature amazing! Pretty masks you received!

  16. I love the flower with al those lovely petals and the fabric you chose is so lovely! Your quilt is beautiful too and I wouldn't quilt over those precious windows either. I am a knitter too and I need to make another sweater for next winter. I've made one and it wasn't as difficult as I thought but I imagine it depends on the pattern. I'd love to see yours. The moth is beautiful and your masks are cute. Stay safe and stay well!

  17. Something lovely about a super scrappy quilt.

  18. So many petals!
    Quite right not to quilt through the windows, I think!
    Amazing moth!
    Barbara xx

  19. So many petals! They will look gorgeous as blocks. That moth is amazing - and so very big! I think the windows don't need quilting - it will make them stand out more without it x

  20. Your Super Scrappy quilt is delightful! Such a happy quilt. LOVE those two little windows. Fabulous photo of the moth....it is amazing!


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