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Saturday, 27 February 2021


What happened to February? Here we are on the last but one day and it seems to have gone by in a blur! We started off with horrible weather and now are enjoying beautiful sunny days - long may it last.

This last week has seen me busy quilting and I have finished another couple of blocks of my Red Manor House. A quarter of these blocks are now completed.

So I have now decided to put RMH away until next winter and work on a lighter project. Next week will see me start quilting the appliqued tablecloth which will not be so heavy to work on.

I have also added some more applique to the Dresden centre block of Wings and Pretty Things.

I will finish off the corner hearts when I have added the first border.

I have also been working in my sketchbooks this week - this is a finished page from one of them.

I carried on with the pomegranate theme with these collographs

using a tutorial from Design Matters TV. They will be cut out and used in my sketchbooks.

With the weather warming up the garden is coming to life and there is a lot more colour around.

Lovley to see green shoots everywhere.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Love the pomagranates. The colours are gorgeous.

  2. You have made great progress with your quilting, Wings and Pretty things looks wonderful, great art work and it is always wonderful to see signs of spring coming .

  3. Flowers, outside, in February is beyond my imagination! They look wonderful.
    I really like your Dresden block. The colours are so feminine.
    You have had a busy month.

  4. The Red Manor quilt is fabulous!

  5. That Dresden block is so pretty! I just love those flowers and hearts in the corners.
    Your sketchbook art looks wonderful.
    Oh, flowers! Our grounds are still completely covered in snow.

  6. It's lovely to see the weather beginning to turn, isn't it. Good light for making progress, especially as some of these projects seem quite subtle in colouration!

  7. I am a bit sad that I won't be seeing your Red Manor for a little while. =) It is an exquisite quilt, Lin! Your sketchbook work is fabulous; so very creative. AND.....of course your Dresden is a dream. How lovely spring is beginning to dance for you. Indeed, may your lovely sunny days last for a long, long while.

  8. I do love the quilting you are doing for Manor house and Wings is progressing very well... did you have any luck with the script fabric? I always love your art pomegranates adn I'm sure you are enjoying some spring in your garden

  9. I love every single thing you are working on & creating Lin. Just beautiful. Yes I agree - February went by in the blink of an eye. Have a wonderful week Lin. xx

  10. so many stitches in quilting Red Manor! looking great.
    Love your Dresden Block, each addition has made it even more beautiful.

  11. That is the cutest little dresdon block I have seen!!!

  12. Manor House is gorgeous and such a pretty block for Wings....
    Your Pomegranate is lovely...

  13. Truly, I LOVE what you make and sew. xxx


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