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Sunday, 22 May 2022

Friday Night Sew In, May

 May already, and once again the year is whizzing by. Friday nights come around very quickly too! Many thanks Wendy for getting us together - you can see who else took part by visiting Wendy's blog here.

Lunch out made for a lazy afternoon but I did get some work done on my latest Wings and Pretty Things block during the evening.

Sorry for the poor photo but I did most of the basting and started on the applique.


It has been fun exploring West Somerset - lots of new places for me, familiar ones for Philip. I do love the narrow Somerset lanes with their high hedges

The hedges can be very deep - six foot in some places. I wanted to get a picture but it was not easy so will have to try another time. The other thing I love are these old sign posts with the miles marked with fractions, so glad they have never been replaced.

While looking for Holcombe Rogus, and more on that village in a moment, we came across the attractive church of St Michael in Stawley, pretty much in the middle of a field.

The church dating from the 13th century was open (BCP Sheila) and organ practice under way which was nice. It had a lovely warm and welcoming feeling, the sort you get from a well loved and used church.

Then on to Holcombe Rogus just over the border into Devon, which although a larger village seemed to be much harder to find! The village dates back to the Doomsday book. Holcombe Rogus Court  has been described as the finest Tudor House in Devon - here is the entrance and what I could see of the house.

The house is privately owned and has been completely restored over the last 20 years.

The church is next door and the family from 'the big house' had their own private entrance into the church yard.

This is a much larger and more formal church with many references to the Bluett family who originally built the manor house. These effigies are of members of the Bluett family.

This I felt was a name to conjure with!

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour - I will be back soon!


  1. Great pictures from your day out, thanks for sharing. I am not very keen on those high hedges, they do block the view. We had friends from abroad staying with us a while back (well, before Covid!), and they complained that they can't see the lovely views of Somerset.
    One could be driving miles through country lanes here and not see anything :-(

  2. thanks for that tour, I love the old churches and buildings, bridges etc and its always fun looking at what the history is in these places. What a different life. Your Wings quilt is going to be so pretty

  3. love your adventure the buildings are amazing..........OMG 22 children..........that would just almost have you constantly pregnant.........

  4. Your block is very pretty and I do enjoy the countryside tour. Very interesting!

  5. Your photos are just beautiful Lin ... is it kind of nerve wracking driving down those narrow lanes I wonder. I follow a few vloggers on Youtube who are in the UK & I just love seeing all the scenery & the history of the area.

  6. I tried to leave a comment Lin but our internet jammed & I'm not sure if it published or not.
    I wanted to say that your photos are stunning! Is it kind of scary driving down those very narros lanes I wonder. I follow a few Youtube vloggers who live in the UK & I just love seeing all the photos & the history of it all. xx

  7. Those narrow lanes are lovely, if occasionally scary. Both of those churches look like what Mick Aston would have called "a fifteen miler" - worth travelling fifteen miles out of your way for (possibly more!).

  8. Thank you for the mini tour. I think St. Michael's church is just gorgeous. Obviously well-cared for, the flowers were beautiful. Speaking of flowers, your applique is beautiful too!

  9. Loved the mini tour - but 22 children???????????? yikes.

  10. I always think that English architecture is always amazing. I must say, too, I find the thought of giving birth to 22 children, incredulous. How fun to be roaming around your little corner of the world. Your applique flower is pretty, Lin.

  11. Love your applique. Oh yes! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I love the English countryside, old churches and doors. I have so many pics of doors, floors and ceilings of castles, churches, palaces etc. Love how everything is so old and still standing unlike here.

  12. Hi Lin, I love seeing applique in its various stages. This one is so pretty. Thanks for sharing the photos and it caught my eye about the fractions on the posts. So when J.K. Rowling had the kids meet at train platform nine and three quarters, that was a thing in England. I didn't know that.

  13. This little tour was fun! I've always wondered about those narrow roads with the high hedges how cars manage to pass each other when you meet one coming the other way?? Yes, I too love those old signs - thanks for the photo!! I'm hoping one day to get a visit to UK and Europe .........


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