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Saturday 18 February 2023

Friday Night Sew In - February

 Many thanks to Wendy who has been out and about having a great time! for getting us all together again. You can pop over to Wendy's blog here to see who else took part and what they were up to.

I had a fairly lazy afternoon looking at a couple of DMTV videos to get some sketching/painting ideas. I then worked on this little sketch of Waggy the pied wagtail who has been visiting our feeder recently. Now he may not be the most exciting bird - and it turns out there are three although they only come to feed one at a time - but despite all the tasty treats I have been putting out these are the first birds who have stopped to feed. So we are really excited. There are plenty of birds around especially in the trees in the park at the front of the house, but not having any trees in the back garden there is no where for them to perch and check that the coast is clear before feeding. We shall be planting a tree this spring!

Anyway, back to my pencil sketch - it is not finished but I am happy so far.

I must admit to 'cheating' and tracing the outline but then I am doing a series of these and don't want to spend too much time fiddling around getting the basic shape right when I want to concentrate on the technique. Here are a couple of pictures from earlier in the week.

This was my first water colour attempt - not enough water I felt.

I was much happier with this one.

I also had a go at an oyster catcher on an previously painted sketchbook page. He is pecking around in some seaweed in case you wondered!

I spent the evening working on my Red Manor House. The quilting is coming along nicely - and quickly too.

That red sashing will need quilting when I have finished the flying geese. I looked high and low a couple of weeks ago for the stencils I use before starting the flying geese and had given up. Yesterday afternoon while looking for the fabric I want to use for the #sipteaandepp Winter Mystery SAL, which I am way behind on, lo and behold, there were my stencils! No sign of the fabric though haha. Oh well, it will turn up sometime.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. You clever girl, your birds are wonderful!

  2. I love your bird, whatever it is called. I do retrace my own drawings when I'm happy with it but I need to retouch a certain part or change the colours or whatever. I don't call it cheating but bringing my drawing to the next level, haha. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. I sympathize with the search for missing notions. We joke around here that as soon as we obtain a replacement the missing will turn up.

  4. Beautiful artwork. The fabric will be in "that safe place" LOL

  5. Hilarious, Lin! The things we find when we least expect it! Story of my life too. Your water colors are beautiful as is the sketch. Love to see your talent.

  6. of course the stencils turn up when you are not specifically looking for them! love the bird pictures. Red Manor is coming along well...


  7. I think your sketches & your water colours are just wonderful Lin. I wish I could draw like that - a stick figure is all I can manage. Your Red Manor House is looking lovely 💖

  8. Oh, all your paintings of Waggy are wonderful; as is the sketch. Losing things and the strange places we find them......it happens to me all the time. Your Red Manor is coming along beautifully.

  9. Pleased you found your stencils.
    Your drawings are all lovely .

  10. Watercolour is almost all about having the right amount of water in the brush - and of course, that's a moving target, depending on what you are doing. If you've already worked out that what you wanted would have been better achieved with more water, you are already MILES ahead of some beginners I have met!

  11. Lovely birds! Lol - isn't that the case - stencils show up when least expected. Those fabrics will turn up soon just as you go looking for something else, hehe. Thanks for stopping by to my blog. I had fun making that quilt. Blessings,

  12. Its lovely to get some regular bird visitors - and to paint them!! My husband feeds a family of magpies, but I cant draw so I just look!

    Funny how those missing things turn up when you are looking for something else.


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