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Saturday 21 July 2012

Geese on hold

Having made a small error in my calculations I am short about 20 flying geese so have had to order some more fabric - a shame as I was getting on so well with it.
So out came my Dear Jane and I have done two more blocks.

I was looking forward to doing some hand piecing but these two both seemed obvious machine pieces.

Another project that I want to get on with while waiting for geese fabric is sorting out my scraps. I recently ordered this book and a friend brought it over from UK for me this week.

I read about it in a friends magazine and thought it had some sensible ideas. Basically Joan Ford tells you to cut all your scrap fabrics into 3 sizes of square - 5". 3 1/2" and 2". Separate them into dark, medium and light and then she gives you 20 projects to make using them up. Easy!
The three sizes of square work well together because a 4 patch block made from 2" squares can be alternated with the 3 1/2" squares. And a 9 patch block using 2" squares can be alternated with the 5" blocks, and so on.
I will let you know how I get on.


  1. Great DJ blocks, lovely fabric. It is always exciting to get a new book.

  2. Hi Lin oh it so frustrating when you run out of fabric and you are on a roll with a quilt. How many blocks have you done for your dear Jane. I did start making the farmers wife block but have only managed about half a dozen so far. I like scrappy quilts something so comforting about them. Looking forward to see what you make from the new book. xx

  3. Hello Susan
    Well I have just completed another DJ block which brings me up to 14. It was quite a fiddly one. Cutting the scrap squares is taking quite a time - but it is rewarding to see the piles grow and know that it will someday be something useful.

  4. Hi Lin, thank you for the nice comment on my blog. Your e-mail address is missing from your Blogger Profile, so I was unable to contact you directly.


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