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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The View From My Window!

Well, actually it's the kitchen door but it does not have the same ring!

On my way to the bathroom this morning the sunrise caught my eye through the kitchen door. So, braving sub zero temperatures in my dressing gown and slippers, I nipped outside to take a few pictures.

It has been a glorious day in the Dordogne after a very heavy frost. We have had a clear blue sky all day and the temperature rose to almost 20 degrees.
We spent the afternoon in the garden giving the buddleia its annual prune and adding to the collection of debris for the annual bonfire! Several flights of cranes passed over the village heading north for the summer - hopefully that means that the worst of the winter weather is over!!
Lovely to see colour in the garden - grape hyacinths and periwinkle, winter jasmin and iris, daisies and violets, snow drops and crocus.

More from me soon.



  1. A stunning image Lin, thanks for sharing it with us x

  2. A lovely photo Lin. I am watching for colour in the garden here, nothing yet!

  3. Hi Lin I see youv'e been really busy since I last read your blog in December. Loving the book wraps. It nice to catch up with you work after a long absence from the blog world. :) Hugs Susan x

  4. Hi Lin, beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing. Nothing is happening in my garden yet, but the heat is coming up!!!

  5. such a pretty picture.... how lovely to wake up to that...


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