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Friday 14 June 2013

A very pleasant afternoon ....

.....was passed cutting and machining to produce this

from this

The layout is based on Anni Downs' Daisy Quilt from 'Some Kind of Wonderful'.

I knew that I did not want to cut the print into small pieces as that would then lose the fun of the design - so this layout seemed like an ideal solution. I cut frour strips out of the fabric and 'fussy cut' them to length. I have a narrow strip left which will make squares for my Scrap Therapy box.

Looking forward to quilting this - I plan to enlarge one or two of the birds from the print to use in my quilting.

I forgot about this orchid yesterday. It is a Lizard Orchid.

Not the prettiest orchid or most colourful, but at over two feet tall it is impressive!

Wishing you all a very good weekend.



  1. I would like to see orchid growing in the garden. But it's impossible here. It's not warm enough. Are they perennial or annual plants? They are so beautiful! Lucky gardener!
    Have a nice week-end!

  2. It`s very nice.Have a fun weekend!

  3. well done on your finished top.
    Another fantastic orchid, can't believe they are just growing randomly.

  4. I love that print of yours, and I agree with you, not to cut it into small pieces, it is so cute. Your dyed fabric is perfect to go with it. Beautiful orchid mmmmm

  5. Hi Lin, I have missed so much, time to catch up. From your previous posts, I love the sewing bag and pincushion and the kaftan is fabulous, such beautiful fabric. The orchids are lovely. And, a perfect layout for you new project. The fabric blends so nicely together. You have been busy!

  6. Hello Lin,
    I really LIKE your quilt! What a great idea to showcase the neat fabric like you did. I have a smile on my face after seeing that fabric with the whimsical birds and butterflies on it. I love it. I had no idea that orchids could grow so tall! That's quite impressive.
    Enjoy your day,


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